2-Man Scramble – Day One

As expected, we showed up early to practice before our first round. We have played in many of these events in the past and being prepared to play is half the challenge. It was this pre-tournament effort that helps teams get off to a quick start. And for Blair and I, it worked like a charm.

One never knows how they will play on tournament day and being on a familiar team might help or hurt. That feeling of another round with your friend sometimes takes the edge off focus and concentration. This is something I was aware of before heading out to the first tee. As a result, we did well and sailed through the first three holes. Then the fun began!

We played well and enjoyed our playing partners. Mark and Gord were local members of Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort and as such, had the advantage of course knowledge. However, very quickly we realized that this round was going to be like great friends playing vice a tournament. We laughed, joked, cajoled, supported and ribbed our way around the golf course. Blair and I had a great time on all fronts: playing and camaraderie.

Mark, Blair and Gord

With all the shenanigans going on, it was easy to forget that we were at a golf tournament. Throughout the day, there was some great golf being played and it was not overshadowed by back and forth verbal barrage.

Mark and Gord are big hitters. They have the ability to boom out the drives and hit their irons a country mile. Although they were longer than Blair and I, I would suggest we had an accuracy advantage. However, Mark did chip in once and Gord sank two lengthy putts.

Blair and I stuck to our strategy of him going first on most of the shots. We complimented our play very well and one of us was able to make a good shot that lead to 3 under score of 71. I think the leaders shot a 67 (will find out tomorrow when we arrived for the shotgun start). Blair and I could have shot that number if we sank some putts. This was the weak link in our game to day and we left many strokes on the course.

Not to worry, today (Sunday) is the final round and expect Blair and I to be in the 60s. Depending on how we are flighted, we will have a good chance to walk away with some prizes. Not to worry, I will let you know how we make out on the final day.

Thanks again to Mark and Gord for a fantastic round of golf. Blair and I laugh and chuckle all the way around and look forward to playing another round with you both in the future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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