Practice Round Before a 2-Man Scramble

Yesterday, Blair and I traveled to Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort for our practice round before play today. We entered into a 2-Man scramble and look forward to teeing it up against 32 other teams. Mattawa golf course is a 9-hole gem with many opportunities to score very low. I shot even par yesterday with many chances to shoot lower.

Yesterday’s round was great fun, but we actually went with an agenda to figure out which club to hit off the tee and where to aim on approach shots. We took our time and discussed the lay of the course and where was the best places to hit with the intent of scoring low. After playing we both felt comfortable with the result and feel ready for today’s action.

During the first loop, we intentionally took our time and discussed the following items:

  • which club to use off the tee
  • safe bail out areas
  • what side of the green to hit approach shots
  • how the the greens break
  • when to be aggressive and when caution is in order

It worked out very well and we think we have a solid strategy. I will be updating you as the tournament unfolds (after play of course). During our round we had some highlights thought you would be interested in:

A very small gap off the tee

Precision off the tee is important. ON the 5th hole, you can see that the circle is ideal off the white tees. Right and a driver will land us in the woods of the 300 yard hole. Left is cabbage! So, precision off the tee is key for this shot.

Hitting through the gap in the trees.

On a par 5, I was a bit wayward right. As it turned out, there was a gap between two trees in which I could hit my 3 hybrid through; I was successful and finished about 60 yards from the green. A simple wedge and two poor putts enabled me to walk of with a disappointing par.

Always time to appreciate the beauty of a golf course.

Blair had the best shot of the day.

Under the first tree; the over the tree in the circle. Low follow through for success.

Blair was sitting 150 yards out on the 9th hole. He was faced with a very difficult shot of going under the tree in front and over the tree in the red circle. He focused on the shot and let the club do the work; as a result his concentration paid off:

15 feet from the pin!

Blair’s ball landed on the green and only 15 feet away. It was a spectacular shot and I hope he has some of that mojo today! He walked off with par 😦

Blair and I had a great time during the practice round. Now, we only need to play the way we can to score well on day on. It is important to either do really well or only suck a bit as to be in the second flight….haha. Actually, Blair and I only play to win and we hope it is in the cards this weekend.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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