Grateful To Make Friends on the Golf Course

One of the reasons to play golf is to meet new people and expand our circle of friends. I am always open to meeting other keen golfers and the other night during Men’s Night, I met a friend’s friend. It was a planned encounter because Andre and I have conversed on line through The Grateful Golfer mediums.

Men’s Night Pairings: Andre, Jim (The Grateful Golfer), Serge, and Murray

We met at the clubhouse about an hour and a bit before Men’s Night started. We chatted about our backgrounds and what we do now. It was very interesting to put some information to the face and a face to a name. Andre is a very nice guy and I could easily see that we were going to have a fun that night.

Then we hit the course. Andre is a long hitter with great control. He was a perfect compliment to his team. Playing a two person scramble, I was paired with Murray and Serge/Andre played together. Except for one poor hole, Murray and I kept pace.

One of the things I always wonder about is if the new person will actually fit in with the other players who are familiar with each other. Well, Andre fit in like a glove. Quickly he understood the gist of our group dynamics and quickly complimented the rest by adding his humourous comments to the conversation.

Andre and Jim

Overall, it was a fantastic night of golf and camaraderie. Golf is about meeting new people and it was a pleasure meeting Andre. I hope to tee it up with him and Serge again very soon.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Grateful To Make Friends on the Golf Course

  1. My timing has been terrible this week. Today I got ready to go and did one last check of the weather and the course was right under another building thunderstorm. So I’m happy to hear somebody has had better luck than I have this week. Oh well. Tomorrows another day.

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      • Well I made it out today. We had some sprinkles but the lightning stayed away so I got my golf fix in. I played the 1st nine with a couple of new golfers who were great company if not so great at hitting the ball. But they tried and asked a lot of questions which is something I find pretty rare. I enjoyed their company. And I enjoyed my game too. I drove the short par 4 but missed the eagle putt short…arggh. But the tap in birdie gave me a boost and I ended at 3 over for the round. Then played 6 orv7 extra holes before leaving. It was worth the wait.

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