The Last Men’s Night of 2020

It is finally here, yesterday I played in the last Men’s Night of the year. It was a wet (big surprise) and cool, but loads of fun. We played rotating tees where we cycled through blue, white and gold tees. It was the first time played this format and we had a blast. Overall, last nights game was a good way to finish playing Men’s Night at Osprey Links.

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Playing Great Golf and Still Losing Ground

My regular group of players like to participate in Men’s Night and Senior Men’s morning. It was a fun way to talk to other member’s of Osprey Links Golf Course and it offers an opportunity to play games for small prizes. The challenge to playing these games is finding ones that are fair to all the players of different playing levels. The toughest game is the ‘dog fight’, which we played last Thursday for Senior Men’s. We played great, but did not gain any ground on the top team.

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Grateful To Make Friends on the Golf Course

One of the reasons to play golf is to meet new people and expand our circle of friends. I am always open to meeting other keen golfers and the other night during Men’s Night, I met a friend’s friend. It was a planned encounter because Andre and I have conversed on line through The Grateful Golfer mediums.

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Playing Games on the Golf Course

On Wednesday, I participated in my second Men’s Night in two years. Osprey Links Golf Course reserves Wednesday night for men to gather, play golf, eat a great meal and enjoy the company of strangers. Each week, we play a different game and last Wednesday, we played ‘Vegas Scramble’. This is a fun game that provided 92 players the excitement of the unknown on each tee shot!

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Golf Game – Vegas Scramble

I enjoy playing golf games during Men’s Night. Last Wednesday, I played Vegas Scramble for the first time in my golfing career. Funny thing is, the very next day I played Vegas Scramble again for senior men’s day. What was interesting was that after using the same rules, we had different results. It is a fun game, but only if the dice are rolling your way! Continue reading