The Last Men’s Night of 2020

It is finally here, yesterday I played in the last Men’s Night of the year. It was a wet (big surprise) and cool, but loads of fun. We played rotating tees where we cycled through blue, white and gold tees. It was the first time played this format and we had a blast. Overall, last nights game was a good way to finish playing Men’s Night at Osprey Links.

Back row: Blair, Rick and Fernando; Front row: Me

I played with the usual crew and we figured we could do something special for the last event, but alas we did not play well. We shot even par in a rain soaked night, however that score might get as a D Flight prize…..maybe.

We could not get anything going! We even bogeyed a simple par 4 and that should never have happened. Regardless, we had a great time and we are already looking forward to next year.

The interesting part about this format was that we were able to pick the tee we wanted to start on. We chose to start on the gold tee. The next tee we had to move to blue tee, then the white. After three holes it was back to the gold tee to run the cycle again.

Our plan was to hit from the golds on the par 5s in hopes of having an easy birdie and hopefully and eagle. This left us hitting from the blues (tips) on two of the par 3s. Our thinking was to protect our score on the blue tee holes and gain strokes on the gold. Well, it never happened as we did not play well enough on any hole to make any difference on any strategy we tried to employ.

The staff at Osprey Links, as usual, did an outstanding job all year. They were always courteous and professional. Their efforts make events like Men’s Night a fun time for everyone. Thanks to Jeff and his team for another great year!

Well, with this milestone in the books, the end of the golf season is coming; I am hoping to get a few more rounds in with warmer weather of course. I still have to events left and then after those……

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “The Last Men’s Night of 2020

  1. My game wasn’t much better today. It wasn’t terrible either though. I was trying all day to add more turn to my swing and that threw me off in a lot of ways. Sometimes I hit it too far, sometimes, my timing was off and I chunked it. I hit them right (twice) and I hit them left (every driver shot but the first), but I didn’t eat the green eggs and ham 😂. It was fun to not consider score and just try and knock the cover off again for a change. And when it did work, it was glorious. I shot 80 and was actually happy about it and that’s not me most of the time.


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