Pick Your Scramble Position

Playing in a 4 person scramble is always fun. It offers an opportunity to maximize your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Personally, I find that each player playing their preferred position is more beneficial than someone telling them where to play. Picking your position fosters confidence in your game and helps the team succeed in the future.

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You Are Not 20 Years Old Ya Know!

As my journey towards full recovery continues, I am often reminded by friends that I am not 20 years old anymore and that need to make sure that I manage my energy. Of course, this is at the forefront of all my activities, but I have to say that thinking I am not young anymore is a bit of crutch that I do not require. At 56 years young, regardless of my current health battle, I still think I am in my 30s and can do far more than most belief. Well, at least I believe I can and that is really what matters. Continue reading

Chipping for Success in Golf

Chipping for success in golf is a given. All golfers, whether they think so or not, are trying to sink every shot. I know that sometimes we say things like “If I get this close….”, but to be realistic, we are always trying to make every chip. However, percentages tell us that we are not always successful, yet it does not change our intent. Recently, two instances happened when I was playing where chipping was at the forefront of someone’s success on the links. Continue reading

April Fools Day on the Golf Course

Origin of Image unknown

Clowning around on April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day! As many of you know, it is a day to pull pranks and jokes on each other for the “fun” of it. Over the years, I experienced my share of jokes and looking back some were very funny. The origins of April Fools Day is a bit murky, however the intent to for some light-hearted laughter between friends.

Over the years, I was the recipient of  pranks on the golf course. They did not occur on April Fools Day, but they made for some laughter between friends for sure. I am not sure of your tolerance level of pranks of the golf course, but I do not mind the occasional prank to lighten the round. Continue reading

4-Man Scramble Tournament

camptrillium_logo_011Today was the 21st annual 8 AMS Camp Trillium Charity Golf Tournament. This special event raises money for Camp Trillium in our local area. “Camp Trillium (officially The Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre) offers year-round recreational experiences to bring children with cancer and their families together. We work to provide an environment that normalizes relationships and experiences, helping them in the healing process and enhancing their quality of life.” As a cancer survivor myself, I feel a special connection to this event and was thrilled to be able to support such a worthy cause.

The format was pretty simple: 4-person scramble. That is it. No other rules or local guidelines to enforce, just go out and play. A tremendous amount of work was put into this event and the organizers deserve kudos for all their efforts. There were plenty of prizes, a  steak dinner, and a special treat to have Glass Tiger playing in the back ground! It truly was an amazing day!

To make this event even more special, our team won. We shot an 8 under 64 and easily left 4 strokes on the course. We all contributed and not one person was a stand out. Our best hole was an eagle on par 5 which, I cannot normally reach in two. Our overall game was fairly solid with no real stand out areas. We did walk away with some cool prizes (golf stuff), but actually that was secondary to supporting the charity.

Golf can be the catalyst for an amazing day! It is awesome to see a variety of players all come together for a worthy cause. Today, the highest score was an 89, but from the looks of the group, they were having a blast. Tournaments such as the Trillium Camp Charity allow a diverse group of individuals to gather together and have a fantastic day on the golf course, and still support a worthy cause. There are very few sports that have the same appeal to such a variety of people.

I enjoy charity events. I try to play three a year. Today was my first for 2015 and I am already looking forward to the next worthy cause. Do you like playing in charity events?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!