Shooting 59 In A Golf Tournament

A few years back, I shot a 59 in a golf tournament on the new course I joined for 2022. It was a great round and I never missed a shot that I can remember. Not all my shots were perfect, but I did not shoot any duds. It was amazing how quickly the score dropped with two eagles on the card. The score was not really all that surprising when I one putted 11 of 18 holes and never recorded a bogey or higher. It was a magical round and I hope to grain some of that magic this year as golf season is just around the corner.

As the warm weather continues to plow its way forward in my area, I often reminisce about some of the great rounds I played. This journey down memory lane helps pass the time as I anxiously wait to see the grass pop up on my front yard. It is an exciting time of year and one I always enjoy.

Yesterday, my memory of rounds gone by zeroed in on a game I played at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort. What I remember the most was how well I hit the ball off the tee and more importantly my approach shots. It was the one round where I hit 17 greens in regulation and one chip in for eagle on a par 5. I said it earlier, it was a magical round.

Playing a low round of golf is something that I always aspire too. When it happens, I pop that wonderful time into my memory bank; just like yesterday. As I go through all the details of the round in my mind, I realize that I left out a vital piece of information. I was playing in a four man scramble and my playing partners played fantastic. 😉

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Shooting 59 In A Golf Tournament

  1. Well, I surely didn’t shoot a 59 Sunday or today or ever on a full size course for that matter. That’s quite the accomplishment. Congratulations.

    My driver distance seems to be back. Not every swing of course, but I’m seeing more and more outliers. First drive Sunday at the away course was a par 5 hole and I only needed a 7 iron to get home after that drive with the wind, and on #5, in a cross breeze, I missed the 290 yard green by just 8 feet. And today I only used the driver hitting into the breeze and I cleared the 260 mark with both easily. Of course todays breeze wasn’t as strong as yesterdays, but it’s a definite improvement over last years driver stats when I was hitting the ball so high with the old driver that I was struggling to reach 240 and was always getting negative roll out.

    Shot one over today at home. Felt good because it came easily. Yesterday in bigger breezes on a bigger course I failed to break 80 again. It was close this time at least, but I had a blow up in one of the bunkers and I misjudged the breeze a few times that really caught me out and left me with terrible lies. But for the most part I was happy with what I was seeing. Quite a few strokes better than last week in quite a bit tougher conditions. So golf is starting to look good for the rest of the year I think. And I’m already looking forward to getting back to that course one or two more times before we move to another. My putter is getting dialed in better there after two rounds and one or two more should help even more.

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