What I Learned From 2022 Players Championship

Although The Players Championship is not a Major in golf, it sure can create the excitement and heartbreak of one. As I watched the play over the weekend, I realized that professional golfers have the same challenges as amateurs when challenging conditions are present. And since last Thursday, the weather created the environment where doubles, triples and quads were not a surprise. Having said this, I did learn three things that make me feel much better about my game.

The first is that all golfers struggle playing in a strong wind. I thought it was only amateurs, however professionals struggle just the same. Even though they have greater control on their shots, windy conditions are a bugbear for everyone. The Players was no different and I actually felt sorry for the golfers as they approached the 17th tee box.

My second observation was that even professionals do not like to take their medicine after a wayward tee shot. The Players Stadium Course as playing 7200 yards and as best without the terrible playing conditions. I could not understand why players were taking what seemed to be high risk shots into the greens. I always feel that playing for bogey is much better than risking a double or an other. Additionally, this high risk approach on their second shots reinforces my efforts to hit the fairway off the tee (even if it is shorter than I would like).

Lastly, the length of my tap ins are way longer than the professionals. I realize my playing conditions is much easier than at The Players, but I am thinking that I need to shorten that distance. I do miss a few outside of two feet and very few inside this distance. I guess it would make sense to mark my ball outside of two feet and take my time on that last stroke of any hole. My overly relaxed approached to tap ins needs to change in order to keep my game sharp.

There are many other lessons from The Players that amateurs could glean. It is a matter of objectively applying what we see to our game. It is not a challenge, just tough on our ego.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “What I Learned From 2022 Players Championship

  1. I dearly love playing in big breezes. That doesn’t mean my best scores come out of course, but it is a condition I really do enjoy playing in. As far as the stadium course goes, it’s not worth that much to me to play it either. To me it’s just another Florida course. It’s a special one to be sure, but not that much different that others we have. The challenges are pretty much the same. I get excited playing a mountain course.

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    • Kevin,

      I do not mind playing in the wind either, however I like it to be warm. A medium win in the cool weather makes golf very uncomfortable. Yes, we can dress for it….sort of, but a warm breeze is always best.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, today was a great finish but I can’t for the life of me figure out why Smith hit driver on the 18th tee with a three shot lead. I was thinking there’s a little bit of Phil Mickelson at the US Open in him, but who knows???

    I would love to try the TPC Stadium course from the tournament tees and see if I could break 100. Probably could only pull it off if I played all the par 4s as 5s and the 5s as 6s; taking no chances with all that water. Would be an interesting proposition but a waste of a greens fee – LOL!



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