Steady, Consistent Golf Is Boring…..Right?

Golf is a sport that provides a tremendous opportunity to make amazing shots. You know the ones that go under a branch, over a tree, lands just shot of the green and rolls up to a tap in birdie or par! I am fairly confident that I have hit a few shots like that over the years, but they are few and far between. During each round, I hit a few great shots, a few poor shots (sometimes more than I would like 😉 ), and many consistent shots in play. I am sometimes accused of playing boring, down the middle golf that produces nothing spectacular, nor do I find myself in a tremendous amount of trouble. Fortunately for me, this type of golf is fun and very exciting sometimes.

How do we become boring golfers? That is a great question! generally we have to develop a swing that is repeatable and sustainable. It really is a simple as that. I could go into all the mechanics of hitting a golf ball and the boring musts we need to accomplish, however that just makes golf even more boring to most. The basic principle of playing consistent golf boils down to doing somethings properly. What they are depends on many factors unique to each golfer, but make no mistake ugly swings can produce great golf scores.

Take a look at Jim Furyk for example. Many pundits say that he has an ugly swing compared to most professional golfers. But, Mr. 58 sure can play. With 23 world wide victories, which includes one Major and one Fed Ex Cup Championship, Furyk would be considered a consistently boring golfer with an odd swing.

Golf is a sport where we could chase many so called flaws down a rabbit hole. Believe me, I have tried. Before we start trying to change everything, it is important to understand that no all golfers can actually create the perfect swing. They are physically limited and a perfect swing (that looks like a professional golfer) is impossible. However, a perfect golf swing is possible for each player; it is the one they can produce in a steady, consistent manner. If you are interested in more information your perfect swing take a look at this article: The Perfect Golf Swing: The Impossible Made Possible

I do not know about you, but I do not find golf boring in any way. Yes, sometimes I am tired and could have skipped a round, but overall I am excited to play each round. My swing has evolved over the years to a point where I am comfortable and happy with most of my results. In the be scheme of the things, my opinion of my game is really the only opinion that counts.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Steady, Consistent Golf Is Boring…..Right?

  1. I have often accused others of playing boring golf when they’re hitting fairways and greens. But I’ve never found it boring when it’s me. Not even close. 😂

    But I do on rare occasion just go through the motions out there. Then again, I play way more than most. Way, way more. Not this week though. This week work and weather combined to only allow me a single day to play and I’m getting a bit antsy to get back out there. lol Don’t feel too bad for me though, I did get an hour on the short range before sunset the past two days to help make up for it.

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