Steady, Consistent Golf Is Boring…..Right?

Golf is a sport that provides a tremendous opportunity to make amazing shots. You know the ones that go under a branch, over a tree, lands just shot of the green and rolls up to a tap in birdie or par! I am fairly confident that I have hit a few shots like that over the years, but they are few and far between. During each round, I hit a few great shots, a few poor shots (sometimes more than I would like 😉 ), and many consistent shots in play. I am sometimes accused of playing boring, down the middle golf that produces nothing spectacular, nor do I find myself in a tremendous amount of trouble. Fortunately for me, this type of golf is fun and very exciting sometimes.

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Hitting the Ball Well Off the Tee

As you walk up to the tee and prepare for an awesome round of golf, small niggling thoughts run through your head. You start to think about your first shot and all the things that could go right or wrong. Personally, I am a glass half full guy and focus on making a perfect shot, exactly as intended.

We all realize that tee shots set up a hole and after listening to my compatriots talk at the 19th hole, many seem to struggle with the big stick. They hit the ball left, right, short and well, all over the place. They lament about their challenges and wish they could solve their conundrum. Continue reading