Steady, Consistent Golf Is Boring…..Right?

Golf is a sport that provides a tremendous opportunity to make amazing shots. You know the ones that go under a branch, over a tree, lands just shot of the green and rolls up to a tap in birdie or par! I am fairly confident that I have hit a few shots like that over the years, but they are few and far between. During each round, I hit a few great shots, a few poor shots (sometimes more than I would like 😉 ), and many consistent shots in play. I am sometimes accused of playing boring, down the middle golf that produces nothing spectacular, nor do I find myself in a tremendous amount of trouble. Fortunately for me, this type of golf is fun and very exciting sometimes.

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Golf Swing Radius Explained

Have you ever given much thought to how maintaining a constant radius between your chest and hands during your golf swing was important? I have followed Troy Vayanos at Hitting It Solid for years because he offers some excellent tips and swing advice to which I can relate. He breaks down complex topics into something that we amateur players can easily digest. And swing radius in my golf swing is another perfect example.

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Do You Have a Consistent Golf Swing

Every golfer understands that the key to success in golf is a consistent golf swing. Developing something that is repeatable in all situations; especially when the pressure is applied due to unforced errors. For years, I have worked on this fundamental and when I score well, my swing is consistent and reliable. The two go hand in hand for me. Yet, I wonder sometimes on how to actually develop this miracle movement…..say like Freddie Couples.

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How High Do You Tee Your Ball – Revisited

In 2012, I wrote an article about the proper height to tee up your ball when hitting a driver. I used different sources and provided the 80% solution for the average golfer. If you read the research, you will find that most teaching professionals recommend a higher teed ball for making better contact, increased distance and more control. However, after 5 years of trying the various tee heights, I am not convinced there is one proper tee height for all the golfers. Are you? Continue reading

Hitting the Range is Important!

I came across the videos below and I there was thinking a larger story. How do we prepare our game for the unexpected the course when playing golf?  Is there something I am missing by training only at the range?

Hitting the range is very important to improving our golf game because it allows us work developing the consistency needed to play well. My attendance at the range varies throughout the year and when I go, I practice with intention.  Continue reading