Drop The Guise And Just Play Golf

Like many golfers, I have worried about how I looked playing golf. I wondered if my game was acceptable to hook up complete strangers. Because of my uncertainty, I would follow along with what others were playing even though I thought it was not the right shot at the time. If they hit the ball long, I would try and hit my ball long…..most of the time to my dismay. I would basically change how I played golf because I thought that it would be for everyone in my group. After failing miserably during many rounds, I had to learn to drop the guise of playing golf and actually play my game!

There was a time when my game would morph to make or ape the people in my group. From time to time I would have a good round and this success would reinforce my efforts to hid my real game. The challenge I faced is never really establishing my own game. I basically was a ship with out a rudder thinking I was navigating turbulent waters without any challenges.

After losing several matches I thought I should have won, I needed to figure out what was going on with my game. I realized that I needed to eliminate my inconsistencies and determine why I crumbled when the pressure of the round increased. I knew my game was in the twilight zone, but did not know how to change my current pattern.

So, I did the smart thing and talked my local professional, Gary Corriveau. Basically we talked about my game and he asked me several questions about how I approached each round. We discussed my course management strategy (I did look at him quizzically) and how I did not have one. Overall, he pointed out that I was making the same mistake many amateurs make by trying to play someone else’s game instead of my own. He let outlined how I was not developing anything tangible, but was playing like a leaf in the wind.

My local professional helped me develop a strategy for success moving forward which included what areas I needed to focus on the most. He is the one who helped my develop current philosophy of starting from the pin moving outward. That is exactly what I did. I started with my putting, chipping, iron hitting and finally hitting with woods. After 30 years of development, I have my game that I am happy with and continue to develop. And it all started with a conversation with my local professional.

Talking to my local professional was the best course of action I could have taken to improve my golf game. I think that many professionals are under utilized and offer much more for our games that just swing advice. Therefore, if you are struggling with your game, I strongly recommend you walk into your local proshop and get some advice.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Drop The Guise And Just Play Golf

  1. I would have titled todays topic as “play your own game” if I was writing it. For me the only time that I let another golfer influence me was the tendency to swing harder when playing with a longer hitter than me. It really isn’t a problem now as I am comfortable with accepting my limitations.

    I learned early to play my own game which served me well in business settings with customers, with friends, or in competitions. Some people take themselves far too seriously and need to loosen up. Over time, I have learned to adapt my attitude to the people that I am playing with, but that does not change my game and focus when it is my time to play.

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    • Lorne,

      You and I have the same attitude. I try not to let others affect my game, but do try to interact enough so everyone has fun….including me. Golf is a social sport and meeting with others will playing our game is definitely part of the experience.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim It only gets more critical to play your own game as we age. Falling into the trap of trying to hit our drivers as far or use the same iron into a green is more common in casual play than tournament play. Technology helps us keep up but at a certain point a more inward focus is required.


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    • Brian,

      I like playing those opponents as well. My DIY net goes up today. We had a stretch of cold weather, but this week we have turned the corner. It has been a cold long winter this year, but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Inhope it is not a train. 😉

      Cheers Jim

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  3. I can relate. It’s almost universal I think. And it starts long before we venture into tournament golf just playing our buddies. If they can make the shot, no matter how lucky they got, we can do it too. That mental attitude wrecks more rounds than any other I’d guess. And I was a victim of it for years. Especially when playing against bigger hitters. Thankfully I recognized and rectified that one myself. Took a while and it will still creep in on occasion and need checking. Some golfers, some personalities bring out that competitive spirit and that can lead us astray if we aren’t careful.

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