Drop The Guise And Just Play Golf

Like many golfers, I have worried about how I looked playing golf. I wondered if my game was acceptable to hook up complete strangers. Because of my uncertainty, I would follow along with what others were playing even though I thought it was not the right shot at the time. If they hit the ball long, I would try and hit my ball long…..most of the time to my dismay. I would basically change how I played golf because I thought that it would be for everyone in my group. After failing miserably during many rounds, I had to learn to drop the guise of playing golf and actually play my game!

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How to Win A Golf Tournament…The Answer

Carnoustie shirt follow through 1

Hitting last in a scramble tournament!

Yesterday, I left you hanging. I quickly left a brief statement that I did not have the time to explain the sure way of winning a golf tournament! Well today, I am going to explain my view and why I think this way!

Before I explain my methodology, it is important to explain that this methodology transcends all tournaments, but there are some variations for each format. For today’s explanation, I will focus on the scramble format. My suggestions work for me, but I have found that they work regardless of the team composition. Are you interested?  Continue reading