Are You Getting Excited for The Masters

I do not know about you, but within 7 days The Masters will be underway. This is my favorite Major and am not formulating who is going to win. It is very difficult to take in account all the critical data needed to reach my conclusions.

As I mull things over, I continue to chase my tail looking for the answer. It is a cerebral game that I enjoy playing because it forces me to examine many factors of golf that I sometimes take for granted.

So, as I work through my puzzle, I wonder if you are doing the same. Most of you are avid golfers and probably enjoy the same game. So, if you do, I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on who you choose to win this years green jacket. In the meantime:

Have you selected your winner for this year’s Masters?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Are You Getting Excited for The Masters

  1. Truthfully, until reading an article about Augusta National today, I hadn’t realized it was already here. The article ended with the fact that the course closes from May to October so I had to check the date for the tournament. I guess I’ve been more involved with my own swing.

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