What I Learned From 2022 Players Championship

Although The Players Championship is not a Major in golf, it sure can create the excitement and heartbreak of one. As I watched the play over the weekend, I realized that professional golfers have the same challenges as amateurs when challenging conditions are present. And since last Thursday, the weather created the environment where doubles, triples and quads were not a surprise. Having said this, I did learn three things that make me feel much better about my game.

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Golf’s Most Deadly Question: What Are The Chances?

Golf is a sport of missed opportunities. Every I step up to the first tee, the shot combinations for the round seem astronomical. Like a snowflake, I have never made the same shot combinations to achieve a specific score. I think it would be impossible to hit the same shots over 18 holes, hence each round is unique as the next. Understanding that each round must be as diverse, there is one universal constant that shapes each round. The most deadly question in golf: What are the chances?

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Golf Videos to Inspire and Make You Laugh

Golfing is tough. It is not an easy sport to play and even more challenging to write about. Finding new and interesting topics is challenging, but maybe it is time to change it up a little and change the medium.  Here are three videos I found on the net that provides an explanation about golf that you may find useful.  Enjoy!

Some lessons from NBC Learn:

Something fun :

Some awesome recovery shots from the PGA Tour:

Hope you enjoyed them, I sure did!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!