Best Golf Recover Shot Ever

I have watched hundreds of golf shots over the years. Some were great, amazing and unbelievable. The shot by Jordan Spieth at the 43rd Ryder Cup takes them all. I am not sure how they found his ball, nor how he was able to get a club on it, but all I can say is wow!

I do not even have the words to describe the set up, so the best thing I can do is let you take a look:

The number of different aspects of Spieth’s golf swing that has to go right just make contact let alone hit the ball to 5 feet is incalculable. As an amateur, I am not sure I could even make that swing, let alone imagine how it would turn out. I guess that the top professionals get to play at the Ryder Cup!

The key to making a shot like Spieth’s, in my humble opinion, is to be able to visualize the result. Seeing all aspects of the shot (especially contact in this case) allows our bodies to understand the mechanics involved. This technique does take a great deal of practice to understand and a tremendous amount of experience from using it. Not all players have this ability, but those who do are considered wizards of the game.

The Ryder Cup offers ample opportunity to make amazing shots. We witnessed many yesterday. But, shots like Jordan Spieth’s is on a whole different level. I expect that the singles today will demonstrate some more great shots and I am excited to see some; in the mean time, like all golfers, I must remain patient and wait for the opportunity to arise.

Are you enjoying the Ryder Cup so far?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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