Never Forget Your First Golf Lesson

Do you remember the first golf lesson you ever received? For some, it was from a professional, for others (like myself) it was from my Dad. He taught me so many things on and off the golf course, I consider myself blessed that he was in my life albeit for too short of a time. Every once in a while, I remember his my first lesson he taught and believe I have honoured him during every round of golf I play!

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Asking The Tough Questions About My Golf Game

With the goal to be a scratch golfer, I am always asking myself what I can do get to the next level. I am currently holding a 3.8 handicap index and to get it to zero will take (I suspect) more than I am probably willing to commit. But, I am not willing to give up on my goals just yet. If nothing else, it will keep my driving towards something that will continue to improve my golf game.

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The Uniqueness of the Golf Swing

The golf swing is best described as a 1000 minor movements flawlessly combined to create a smooth, rhythmic, effortless motion that transfers energy from the club to the ball. Of course many of us who try to accomplish this feat realize that the task of creating a golf swing is far more complicated that than. And any minor variance in those 1000 minor movements can cause disaster time and time again. Because of our different physical attributes, the each golf swing in unique to each player and the cookie cutter approach to improvement, in my opinion, causes more harm than good. Let me explain!

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Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Most of us have heard this saying before and it really is prevalent in my golf game. For years I focused on making significant changes in my game and strove to shoot low golf scores. It is a journey I continue to embrace, however I have learned that being too focused on one aspect of my swing may not be the best for my overall game.

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Evolution not Revolution!

Talking about golf everyday is great fun. I enjoy writing my musings down to help and sharing them. If you are a regular follower, you understand that most of  the time our discussions is more about idea sharing than actually changing the fundamental aspects of our golf swing. I have not made any major changes in years, but only tweak things here and there. Rob Bensted (a twitter follower of The Grateful Golfer) reminded me that my daily writings could be misconstrued as someone who does not have a consistent golf swing because I am always changing things. Well that is just not so. Continue reading