Playing Golf With Tiger Woods

My nephew sent me a link to a video of Tiger Woods giving a playing lesson with David Spade. It was very entertaining and I want to thank Kevin for thinking about me by sending me the link. It was interesting to watch a player like Spade elevate his game with guidance from one of the greatest players of all time. How awesome would it be to be afforded this type of opportunity.

As I watched the video, I enjoyed watching Tiger course manage Spade’s game. It was obvious that his approach was significantly different that what Spade would do and that speaks to Woods’ ability to see the whole shot and make right decisions. Of course his skill at seeing shots is one of the best in the world, but there is a lesson for us mere mortals that there is more to playing a golf hole than just hitting and reacting.

One other point I want to make is Tiger’s approach to playing competitive golf. He made one statement that resonates very deeply with me. He said: “You want to be in that fight!” Spade and Woods were talking about how Tiger was always able to compete over 20 years. Tiger indicated that it was a desire to be in the situation where the pressure is on and each shot is important. I actually believe in this approach to competition. As the anchor or all my teams, I do relish the challenge of making a pressure shot. I do not always succeed, but I never shy away.

Tomorrow, I am playing in two matches. One is a three-person scramble with Blair and Rick. The other is a match play event after the tournament. Due to scheduling, I need to play 36 holes in two different events; it is going to a challenge and fun at the same time. Regardless of how I do, I will be keeping Tiger’s mental attitude in mind all day.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Playing Golf With Tiger Woods

  1. Here’s hoping you play as well as I started today. The trough I’ve been in is coming to a crest soon I think (hope, pray). Yesterday I was still nearer the bottom judging by my performance but today was a whole different ballgame. I went 5 under in the first ten holes (with two bogies on the card). We played the same nine twice so I was of course dearly hoping to repeat that on the back but it wasn’t to be. I lost all five of those strokes over the last 8 holes thanks to basically 3 shots. 2 3 woods that cost me doubles and a 3 hybrid that gave me a leave I couldn’t get up and down from. 3 brain farts kept me from my best round ever. Some Tiger advice on how to keep it going would have come in real handy.

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