Competing In Golf Tournaments

Golf tournaments show what kind of golfer your are and could be. The pressure of playing in a competition will accentuate our strengths and more importantly or weaknesses of our game. The area that I notice the most challenge for amateur golfers competing is on the mental side of the game. They are more concerned with what other players are doing, that they let it overshadow their game. For full disclosure, I have fell into this trap in my early years. As I mature as a player and developed my game, I found that what other players were doing was less a factor as what I am doing on the course. I am not sure there is a simple solution to the mental challenge of ignoring what other players are doing, but I seem to have know I turned the corner to success many years ago.

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Playing Golf With Tiger Woods

My nephew sent me a link to a video of Tiger Woods giving a playing lesson with David Spade. It was very entertaining and I want to thank Kevin for thinking about me by sending me the link. It was interesting to watch a player like Spade elevate his game with guidance from one of the greatest players of all time. How awesome would it be to be afforded this type of opportunity.

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Having Fun On The Golf Course

Having fun on the golf course is a primary goal of any golfer. Realistically, if we are not having fun (even on the bad days) why spend 4 hours-ish looping around 18 holes. Playing our best game is always a good way to turn up the fun meter, but that is not always the case. Others play side games for cash or bragging rights. An others just play for the fun of playing. There are a plethora of options and one that I like is playing head to head on a challenging hole…..just like Wolff, Morikawa and Johnson did at the 10th hole at Riviera.

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Does Golf Need To Change To Address Our Evolving World

Many of golf’s traditions are rooted in historical norms of society. Many older traditionalists cling to ideas rooted in gender biases that just don’t fit the evolving world. Although much has happened to drag our views of golf into the 21st century, there are still some hold out ideals that need to change. The inspiration for my article today is rooted in a CBC news article that outlines a gender disparity regarding the number of holes played during a competition of young men and women of the same age group.

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Golf Tips from Brian Penn from ‘All About Golf’

Today’s article is courtesy of Brian Penn is a regular at The Grateful Golfer. He has his own golf blog called “All About Golf”. Like me, he offers his personal insight to this wonderful sport that hopefully will lower our golf scores and grows our appreciation for golf. If you are not a follower of Brian’s, I would recommend that you sign up today.

Brian recently returned from a Myrtle Beach golf trip and offers three great tips that I thought were worth sharing. His points are perfect for the amateur competitor because they are common sense and easy to achieve.

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