Golf Tips from Brian Penn from ‘All About Golf’

Today’s article is courtesy of Brian Penn is a regular at The Grateful Golfer. He has his own golf blog called “All About Golf”. Like me, he offers his personal insight to this wonderful sport that hopefully will lower our golf scores and grows our appreciation for golf. If you are not a follower of Brian’s, I would recommend that you sign up today.

Brian recently returned from a Myrtle Beach golf trip and offers three great tips that I thought were worth sharing. His points are perfect for the amateur competitor because they are common sense and easy to achieve.

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Do You Really Mean “Good Luck” to Your Opponent?

Saying good luck to your opponent is perfunctory at best. I think it is a traditional and automatic statement we offer our opponents before we tee it up in competition. It is one of those things that is a habit more than anything else and I am not confident we really mean it. Do we really want or opponent to have lucky bounces that could lead to our defeat…..I think not! Wishing “good luck” is like asking someone how they are doing today and hoping they don’t actually tell us. It is a wasted statement!

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