Being Aggressive During A Three Person Scramble

Today, I am playing in a three person scramble with Blair and Rick. It is an annual event that we like to participate in and depending on how things roll, we can finish in the money. Over the years, we have tried different approaches, but this year I think we should up the ante and try to play for first place. I realize we do each year, but it seems that we finish in the middle of the top third of most events. Not this year because we are going to take a new approach.

A quick PSA for Rick – be ready to play aggressive this year. I think that regardless of the situation, we should take the aggressive line on at least one of our shots every time.

One of my challenges in the past is that I have a tendency to play safe most of the time. I figure that it is important to never give back a stroke, but this sometimes prevents us from taking advantage of potential birdies or eagles. I figure that we will need to shoot 13 under to have a chance, so we have to play differently. So, being more aggressive is the way.

I like Reid’s aggressive mindset on how to play golf. I think that he offers an approach that works for all players, especially for three guys playing in a scramble. Of course we have to be realistic about our abilities, but taking an aggressive approach to our course management might vault us into the winners circle.

I will let you know how things work out, but I think I am on to something. What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Being Aggressive During A Three Person Scramble

  1. Jim, love Reed’s feel based approach around the greens. Definitely attack the hole in your scramble and only hold back on a tee shot where a line that’s too aggressive can jeopardize your look. Play well!


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