Heading To The Links Today

This will be my first round of golf since last Thursday. The long breaks between rounds is nothing new at this time of year and I am glad to be heading out to play. We moved our tee times to around 0930 hrs now because of the cold, dampness, and possible frost warnings. It is going to be fun and I plan to work on two things and two things only.

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Is Hitting Greens and Fairways Boring Golf?

Over the many years of playing, I have heard my golf game described as boring. I hit the fairway and greens more often than not and do not seem to make many poor shots (believe me I do, but they seem to go unnoticed). It is the nature of my game that I have honed over the many years of playing. After a discussion with Andre, a friend I met last year golfing, he suggested that I need to take a slightly more aggressive approach to my golf game. Mmmm, this is a great thought provoking statement!

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Fighting With My Short Game

I generally have a solid shot game or at least I think so. Unfortunately, I have struggled on the greens lately for no apparent reason. My putting numbers have grown only by 3, but that number is the difference between 77 and 74. At my course, I need to shoot 74 half the time out to maintain my handicap. So, for now that is my target number. As the rest of my game improves, my putting seems to be holding me back!

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Is Your Course Management Style Aggressive or Passive?

Course management is an important aspect of any golf game. Understanding the proper time to attempt an aggressive shot was built through previous successes and failing at some of the more riskier shot selections. It can be studied, but until you actually put your studies into action, you will never really understand which course management method will work best for you. I use a course management process that is both aggressive and passive during the same round.

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Making Every Putt in Golf

The goal of every golfer is to make every putt and it seems that Ernie Els feels the same way. I subscribe to this thought process believing that science can prove that every putt is make-able. Of course that does not mean that I will make every putt, but the possibility is always there.

Keeping this thought in mind, I have played with players who are notorious lag putters and will always settle for a 2 putt and a bogey. Instead of charging the hole in the attempts to make a 1 and risk a 3 putt. How about you? Continue reading