Starting Golf: Here are Three Things You Should Know

Starting to play any sport is a daunting task. There are so many different aspects a beginner needs to consider when starting that they can quickly become overwhelmed. Golf, in my opinion, is one of the more complicated sports to start because of the plethora of factors that can influence your journey. I asked The Grateful Golfer crowd for advice on things someone should know went taking up golf. The responses were very similar and fit perfectly to what I was thinking. If you are starting this amazing sport or you have only played a few times, then the following are three things that will help you develop a passion for the game while lowering the frustration factor.

For the sake of discussion, I will assess that you have access to some clubs. Personally, I do not recommend forking out a ton of cash until you are convinced that your adventure into the world of golf was going to stick. If possible, borrow a set for a short time or buy an inexpensive second hand set. Waiting until you fully decide how deep your passion for golf is going to run before buying that set that works for you.

As stated earlier, I have three suggestions that will make your transition into the world of golf much easier. These suggestions are gleaned from my question on Twitter. I want to thank all the respondents who took the time to help me out and by extension the beginner golfer.

First, seek professional advice from a local professional. This suggestion was the overwhelming favourite response. It makes absolute sense to any experience golfer. By taking a few lessons (less than $100 for two or 3 lessons) you are setting yourself up for success. A professional will teach you about the grip, stance, how to swing, and what to expect when your are first starting to play golf. The investment to build a strong foundation for your golf game will reap uncountable rewards.

I have played golf for a long time. In that time I have taken a couple lessons that have helped me identify areas where I needed to improve. On the left are key points from a few years ago that I needed (need) to work on to improve my golf swing. Unfortunately, I did not take professional lessons when I first started to play, but we are never too old to learn better ways of playing golf.

Second, start practicing from the pin outward. If I could back track to 40 years ago, I would offer myself some advice that would have sped up my learning cure. I would have focused my efforts using this strategy:


My message would not have been anymore complex than that; yet it would have changed things dramatically. I actually think I would be a better golfer at this time with great opportunities to shoot under par more. I realize that this does not seem like much of a goal, but along the way I would have competed better, maybe one a few more events, and lessened my frustration of trying to attain that 80%.

Building a strong short game that includes putting, chipping and pitching will do wonders for your golf score. Most players lose the most strokes within 25 yards of the green, therefore developing a good short game is important to any beginner golfer.

Lastly, have fun! Yup, this last tip is likely as important as all other tips you will receive along your golf journey. There are many approaches to playing great golf, but I have found that if I am not having fun, that what is the point.

There you have it. If you are beginner golf, my three suggestions will go a long way to helping you along your golf journey. Knowing that a local professional is ready and willing to help, creating a strong short game, and having fun are key to any beginner golfer. By following these three tips, you are setting yourself up for success on the links and years of enjoyment playing an awesome sport.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Starting Golf: Here are Three Things You Should Know

  1. Great advice. The short game rules in golf. I win or save skins every night thanks to keeping my short game sharp. Saved one on the first hole tonight in fact. We all missed the green. I was pin high right 20 yards and short sided but hit a nice high chip (didn’t break the wrists, but opened the face) and landed it soft enough to just roll out past the hole about 4 feet. Left me a nice easy putt with less than half a ball of break in it. And I needed that one in to save that hole.

    Later, I shanked one on a short par 3 and left 56 yards to the hole and got up and down again. I only really failed at that once on #9 tonight with I bladed one sitting deep in the rough on a downhill lie. Didn’t get my shoulders aligned with the slope I guess. Thought I was good. Oh well, it happens. It just happens less with practice.

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  2. Starting to get the Golf fever….Iooking forward to seeing you and the other Mattawa tournament hackers soon….lol. Cheers and keep the ink flowing.

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