Interesting Things That Happens On the Golf Course

This article is not about the bizarre things I find on-line or about the crazy stuff clowns down when playing; it is about the few things I have seen recently that is worthy of sharing. Of course interesting is in the eye of the beholder and well, here we go.

The first was a shot made by my friend Blair. He was hitting his second shot over water and the picture below shows where it he ended up.

Blair on the 9th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course

So what is the big deal, Blair’s second shot started must on the grass over his head on the far side of pond. He hit an unintentional stinger and skipped the ball across the water about 6 times to be dry on the other side!

The second shot was by Rick; we decided to play the blue tees during Men’s Night. Rick took out his driver and was hitting to a blue back right pin. Yup, that is right, I said driver.

17th hole at Osprey Links

Rick’s ball flight was like a bullet aimed between the two telephone poles. His ball dropped below the height of the tee box very quickly and I thought his ball would land in the middle of the pond. Instead, it hit the back on the front hoped up and rolled about 12 feet from the pin on the left! I still cannot believe that he luckily turned an iffy shot into something fantastic.

Lastly, I just really like this picture. It is on the 12th hole at the top of the hill.

12th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course

This is the first tree to turn colour this fall. I not sure I know why, but it always catches my attention when I play through.

That is it for now. I think that simple things on the golf course are usually the most interesting. I hope you enjoyed them as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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