Practice Round Before a 2-Man Scramble

Yesterday, Blair and I traveled to Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort for our practice round before play today. We entered into a 2-Man scramble and look forward to teeing it up against 32 other teams. Mattawa golf course is a 9-hole gem with many opportunities to score very low. I shot even par yesterday with many chances to shoot lower.

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A Practice Round in Golf

Do Your Practice DuringPlaying a practice round before a competition is very important. The intent is to understand the course better and to improve your course management once the competition starts. Through the years, I have played many practice rounds, but until recently, I never really practiced.

I guess I am slow learner sometimes because in years past, my practice round was just another round of golf. I would play the course, new or old, like I would any other course and not really pay attention to my surroundings. This foolish approach to preparation actually cost me a tournament or two through the years. Fortunately, maturity and experience changed my approach to a practice round and I can honestly say I feel more confident on day one as I approach the first tee.
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