Volunteering is The Cornerstone to Strong Golf in Your Area

For years, I was a golfer who participated in many golf tournaments, but rarely volunteered to help out. Well, I have decided to change that and slowly increase my involvement in organizing local golf tournaments. I believe that it is time to give back and so it begins!

Presently, I am involved in two largish events in my area. The first is the stroke and net Match Play tournaments at Osprey Links Golf Course. These two tournaments run all summer and I am responsible for running them. By stepping up, it relieves the GM, Jeff Rogerson, of one of a million things he deals with each day/week/month/year. I ran the event last year and enjoyed helping out. I did not win either draw, but had a great time playing.

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The second tournament I am helping with is the TEE IT UP FOR MATTAWA HEALTHCARE. I have played in this fantastic event twice and decided it was time to help out the wonderful team that hosts this event. It will be held at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort where Mike and Brenda are awesome supporters of this charity. The save the date announcement just came out and this is what we have to date:

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19TH, 2020 – Save the date for our 5th Annual Tee It Up for Mattawa HealthCare Charity Golf Tournament. More information about our new fundraising initiatives and this years tournament coming soon.

Additionally, I have other pans in the fire, but I am not ready to make any announcements. I believe that volunteering is the cornerstone of success for any community and golf is no different. Without out people willing to step up and help, then many fun activities will fall the the wayside.

Do you volunteer at tournaments? If so, are they local or bigger?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Volunteering is The Cornerstone to Strong Golf in Your Area

  1. Jim, I fully agree about volunteering. I’m a USGA certified rules official and volunteer about once a month as a Rules Official in Arizona. My way of giving back. Many of the tournaments I work are Junior Golf Association of Arizona. I like to think I’m helping to grow the game.

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  2. Jim, the tournaments are lucky to have you volunteering and helping to organize; what a great endeavor!

    It’s been over 20 years since I volunteered for golf and that was as the de-facto commissioner of the ADP golf league, when I used to work for that company. Running the weekly scramble and season-ending tournament was fun but a ton of work. And you do get funny looks if you win your own event 🙂

    Right now, I donate about 10 hours a month to the USO and helping the members and families of our military. It’s tough to carve out more volunteer hours but I would like to get back into supporting the local golf community.

    Thanks for raising awareness!


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  3. Hi Jim, i decided to help out also. The course in Lac Megantic is a public course that belongs to the peoples. kind of like a co-op. So i will bee joining the executive, in what function i do not know yet. Every time that there is something to do on the course that is too big for the staff, all members are ask to help out, i did it a couple of time last year and it was fun. The people around here are great.

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