The Grateful Golfer’s Secret to Success

I wonder how many times over the years I have started something only to lose focus on my end goal; this is true on and off the golf course. Setting goals, however, seems to be the only way I find success on the golf course. I have discussed this many times over the past 7 years (wow 7 years of writing about golf), yet I have to remind myself that this process works for me. So, I thought I would revisit it as I enter the latter half of my 2019 golf season.

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Golf is a Journey of Failure

Golf is a journey of persistence is nothing new to most readers. As a player with over 40 years invested in the game, I can honestly say I have failed more times than succeeded. Of course, there has to be a benchmark for this statement and fortunately it is a standard set by each player. Through introspection, I set goals each year in attempts to provide a clear path to something achievable. Unfortunately, I fail to meet most of these goals, but my yardsticks continue to advance to my ultimate goal of being a scratch golfer. Continue reading

Forget the Past and Embrace Your Future

Our future successes on the golf course are limitless. I truly believe that I can improve my state of play every time I hit the links. If I did not, then what would be the point of playing? Wait, there is the joy of hitting a pure shot, watching the ball flight of a perfectly struck 7-iron and the sound of the ball dropping after a 50 foot putt; but these things are a given and speak to the pure enjoyment side of golf. But what about being a better player; where is that rooted? Continue reading