Trust In Your Golf Game And Magic Happens

There are many instances over the course of my 2022 golf season where I needed to trust in my game and let it unfold. There is no specific tell when my game falls off the rails, but when it does I must rely on my previous training to right the ship. Sometimes I cannot chip, other times my approach shots, and rarely my driver lets me down; the challenge all amateurs have is not knowing when catastrophe is going to happen. So, what do we do to improve our game in quick manner? That is the real question isn’t it?

I am not sure how you handle a poor performance, but I a three pronged approached to changing my approach to my game. My first step is to calm down and relax because I know my woes are temporary. I accept the my mishits (sometimes with much trepidation) and positively focus on what to do next. It is important to mentally say neutral after hitting a poor shot or approaching a very difficult one.

Second, I hit clubs I have confidence that will make great contact. In my case, it is a hybrid, 7/8 iron, or my sand wedge. By using these clubs, I have a better than not chance of making a few good shots in a row. When this happens, the magic starts to return to my game. Success breeds success. Hitting a few good shots in a row will definitely guide my game in the proper direction.

Lastly, I trust I will make the shots I need to make at the proper time. I have spent a great deal of time practicing different shots and hitting many balls on the range. Because of this, I know that my game is always ready to shine and I have to let it surface without a struggle.

The challenge for most of us when our game goes sour is to force matters back to the equilibrium of success. Because of our efforts to management everything our game gets worse. Hence we prolong our poor play to a point that our frustration grows and the whole cycle starts over again.

My three pronged approach of acceptance, confidence building and trust works more often than not. Sometimes it is a quick process and others might take a hole or two. Regardless, I have learned over the years to trust in my game and magic will happen!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Trust In Your Golf Game And Magic Happens

  1. Gotta agree wholeheartedly with this. Trust in our decisions and commitment to them are super critical to good play. Second guessing, especially once over the ball causes failure more often than not in my experience.

    I was one skin behind the leader most of the day today until we got to 17. There I hit the prettiest high draw that dropped just short and right of the hole and funneled to inside 3 feet behind and left of it. A putt we’d all hate to miss. And this one had to be aimed outside the hole to find it. A real knee knocker. Trust was absolutely crucial. I rammed that one into the back of the cup because I managed to trust it would find the hole even though most of today and in fact the past two weeks have had me either burning the edges or lipping out.

    I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier in the week or not but one of the guys had told me earlier that he’d written “for Kevin” on his sandwich baggie that he keeps his skins money in. lol I’m sure he was joking but what a compliment. But I should probably send him your article. Putting that in writing can’t be good for the confidence. He’s supposed to be trusting his game not mine. 😂

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