Writing Golf Blogs Is Hard

Have you ever tried to write something for a diverse group of people with only one common thread. I can tell you from experience that it is a challenge at the best of times. This will be my first article in three days because I was engaged in growing my golf interests and did not have time to write articles. The break was great because it gave me time to recharge my thinking cap so I can move forward with some articles that might peak the interest of our regular and new readers.

All Dressed For The Fall Hickory Classic & Collector’s Trade Show

If you are wondering, I was in the Niagara Falls area playing in the 2022 Fall Hickory Classic & Collector’s Trade Show. I am not going to start talking about this amazing event today, but I can honestly say that it was the best event I have attended in many years. Anyway, more about this over the next few days.

Lately, I have received many interesting comments about The Grateful Golfer blog. Many were focused on the topics and how relatable they are to the regular player. Some like the relatability of the golf articles and others enjoy the tips. Basically, the recent comments have helped me stay the course about my approach to the articles I write. I feel encouraged and I am looking forward to continuing to write about all things golf.

Most golf topics just jump into my head when I sit down to write. I sometimes have to change topics because I have either written about it recently or there is no real information I can gather to help explain my thoughts. Most of my articles are original because I have recently experience the topic or something sparks a memory. Regardless, the topics are meant to help amateurs (novice or experienced) grow their game and develop a true passion to improving their game. Regardless, choosing the right topic for this blog is not always easy.

Writing about golf is something I enjoy doing on a daily basis. Sometimes a shot break goes a long way to improving my mental preparedness to write. As I am finishing this article, I have four topics for the next few days….how lucky am I.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


13 thoughts on “Writing Golf Blogs Is Hard

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  2. Jim, I appreciate reading your blog articles each day. As you know, I am not focused primarily on improving my scores and am more interested in historical clubs and how to play best with them.

    I just got home tonight from my two week East Coast trip. It was a great trip despite Having to change our itinerary because of the hurricane.

    I look forward to reading and contributing from time to time. Keep up the good work.

    My hickories are eagerly awaiting my game tomorrow. I have not played for three straight days and they are not used to that long a break.

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  3. You must be one of the most prolific golf writers in Canada! I look forward to seeing the topic of the day (even if the email makes my cell phone ding at midnight every night!). Keep up the great work! 🙂

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  4. I look forward to hearing about your experience with those hickories.
    Here’s a number for you. One that astounds me. I figure I must have played over 700 rounds of golf since moving here in early 2020. Close to 150 of those I had to pay for, so buying this condo has saved me 16,500 in greens fees so far averaged at 30 per round. And that doesn’t count all the quarters I’m winning in the skins games. lol
    I’ve got to admit, I’m getting spoiled by the lift, clean and place rule we’ve had to use for about two months now. lol After all the practice I’ve done on the range out back this past year, this is making life very easy for me. We’re playing a 5 man skins game and racing the sun to get finished so I don’t always putt everything out and couldn’t say what my scores are but it’s been a birdie fest around here of late.
    I think I’m doing a better job really of keeping others from winning a skin than I am actually getting my own but that’s ok by me. It works to help me in the end and it helps make up for those times when I’m the only one who stuck it close and someone chips in on me. Those 6 footers somehow feel longer when they’re to tie than when they’re to win so when those putts are falling, everything is right in my golf world. lol

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    • Kevin,

      I remember you asking about where to move and I am glad your decision worked out. It sounds like you are set for years with all the savings you are making 😉 Enjoy the game and when does lift clean and place stop where you are?

      Cheers Jim


      • I can’t say when the league here will change that rule. We haven’t had a drop of rain since the hurricane and we’ve been blessed with unseasonably cooler weather too. That’s helped most courses dry out a bit, but our two are special cases because of our water reclamation systems needs. And we run our skins game from whatever the guys who play in it tells the league rules are.

        The amount of water our reclamation system can hold is finite of course. And it’s nearing it’s max. Higher than I’ve seen it in the two years I’ve lived here. Maybe half a million. Maybe a million gallons. It’s big. And the retention ponds around us are also abnormally high. On the 9 hole course, the pond there sits near enough to the water tank that I think they may be connected. It’s level seems to indicate that as well. It’s abnormally deep right now. I’ve played a shot or two from in there in the past and that spot I played from which was dry and a few feet higher than the water level at the time is at least 7 feet deep right now. That extra maybe 9 feet must have tripled at least the amount of water held there. And there is only two feet of bank left before the 9 hole course will start flooding.

        Anyway, there are only two options to drain all that water. One costs money, siphoning it to the cities storm system, and the other is use it for it’s purpose and just spray it on the grounds. So that’s what they do. Every day. Rain or shine. Hurricane or not. Those sprinklers run. So it will take a considerable amount of dry weather to allow the course to dry out enough that high ball flight doesn’t mean mud on the ball. I check to make sure my chips aren’t leaving dents in the green when they land. My approach shots leave ball deep divots. So here, if I had to guess I’d say maybe by December. Maybe. lol

        But that’s ok. Beautiful weather, cool breezes, and easy golf makes for a golfers paradise doesn’t it? I sure think so.

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