Writing Golf Blogs Is Hard

Have you ever tried to write something for a diverse group of people with only one common thread. I can tell you from experience that it is a challenge at the best of times. This will be my first article in three days because I was engaged in growing my golf interests and did not have time to write articles. The break was great because it gave me time to recharge my thinking cap so I can move forward with some articles that might peak the interest of our regular and new readers.

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What is Important To Your Golf Game?

I hope that a alll the readers at The Grateful Golfer can get the feeling that I try to share as much of my knowledge, experience, and ‘trial and error’ success as possible. It is the other main reasons I started writing about golf; to help other like minded golfers shorten their learning curve in order to be the best golfer they can be every time they step up to the first tee. I was thinking about my articles (all 2491 of them) and I realized that my musings might be limited because of my perspective; sometimes I am so focused on my game, I forget that my topics might not be applicable to players with higher handicaps. This does make me wonder.

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Another Major Milestone at The Grateful Golfer

This year is a banner year at the Grateful Golfer. I committed to writing every day and nearly accomplished that goal. I will admit that some of the articles were not as inspirational as I hoped, but that is a goal for next year. The success at The Grateful Golfer is not just about views and visitors, it is about sharing our thoughts on golf in a positive environment. I think we have achieved that goal as well. So what is the big milestone?

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#GolfChat Does It Again

Monthly, a group of #GolfChat authors pool their thoughts to produce outstanding golf articles. Normally, I am part of this élite group of writers (okay we are just writers), however I was unable to participate this month.

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Good Golf Reads of the Week

Normally, The Grateful Golfer is all about original content. I think that is why most readers stop by and is the foundation of my golf blog. However, sometimes it is important to share other articles and to give credit where credit is due. So I thought I would highlight some of the interesting, fun and edgy golf articles worth reading.

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