What is Important To Your Golf Game?

I hope that a alll the readers at The Grateful Golfer can get the feeling that I try to share as much of my knowledge, experience, and ‘trial and error’ success as possible. It is the other main reasons I started writing about golf; to help other like minded golfers shorten their learning curve in order to be the best golfer they can be every time they step up to the first tee. I was thinking about my articles (all 2491 of them) and I realized that my musings might be limited because of my perspective; sometimes I am so focused on my game, I forget that my topics might not be applicable to players with higher handicaps. This does make me wonder.

As I write articles, I do try to make them relatable to the all golfers. However, I think it is important to share basic tenets to great golf and I do this by relating them to my game. It is a process I developed over the past 8 years and for the most part I think it works. It is a challenge to find topics each day that will help other players improve their game and because of this I do find that I repeat certain topics a bit more than others. I think the reason for is repetitive topic selection is that it is important to my game, hence it might be important to yours.

Knowing that my presentations might be a bit biased, this is where you the discerning golfer becomes active in reading the material at The Grateful Golfer. Because I use a bit of a shotgun approach, I rely on you to take was is valuable and discard what is not. Sometimes you will read something and have an ‘ah-ha’ moment and that is always a good thing. The main point about searching for information is to find that area of knowledge that best suits your game. Because I want to focus my efforts on increasing my distance off the tee or improving my short game does not mean it is right for your game at this time. Additionally, my goals of being a scratch golfer may not even be close to what you have in mind, so your desire to make changes reduces what you will take away from my articles. I am here to say, that this is all okay and part of the process of being the best golfer you want to be.

I realize that this article might not resonate with some, but the point of my diatribe today is to emphasize that every golfer needs/wants something different for their golf game. Everyone will pick and choose that nugget of information that will improve something about their golf game. Sometimes we focus on mechanics, course management or the mental aspects of golf. And sometimes enjoyment is that important something. Regardless of what it is, you are in the driver’s seat and get to choose what is best for your game.

My process to choosing the article topics is as simple as reading a comment, article, or opinion about golf. Other times, my social media feed is the source of inspiration. There really is no rhyme or reason to what I choose to write about, but rest assured it is base in the needs of my game and hopefully yours as well.

As you continue to improve your golf game, remember that regardless of what the constant bombardment of ‘must do things’ or ‘best method to’ tells you, you are in control of your golf game. Only you can determine what is best for your game. With that power comes the ability to follow your golf path to your destination. I just hope that I can help ease your journey by providing some useful nuggets of knowledge.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “What is Important To Your Golf Game?

  1. A few days ago I made a suggestion to you about how to get the feel for attaining and holding lag. Today a video popped up on youtube that advocates the same technic I suggested and provides you a good visual.

    This technic will feel a bit out of control at first. Getting almost all the lag at the last second is disorienting or at least was for me. But as you practice it you can tweak the process a little to find the right feel for you. I let my wrists cock a little because allowing it all to happen in those microseconds during the transition just feels way too loose to me and I’ve found that I can allow a little wrist cock and still gain more without that nasty feeling that I’ve got no control.

    Now on to my new driver situation. I’ve got a question for you. There are two stores close by that I can get a fitting from. One charges 150, has only 4 brands of heads but a multitude of shaft options. They give no discount if you purchase. The other store has most every brand you can think of both for heads and shafts and charges only 30 dollars for the fitting and applies that fee toward the purchase if you buy. They don’t use Trackman there but they do have electronic measurements from a different source I can’t remember the name of so all the data will be pretty much the same.

    With only that information to go on. Who do you trust with your fitting? They both say the process will take about 45 minutes which seems about right based on my first fitting before we got real numbers from trackman and the like. And neither store has a range so for both it would be an indoor experience only. My thoughts automatically go to wondering if the business model differences in the two approaches mean anything as to the quality of the fitting. Any thoughts?


    • Kevin,

      First, thanks for the video. It is very helpful as I work on increasing my lag to add a bit of distance to my shots.

      Second, the quality of the fitting all depends on the person fitting you. Either store could have a good or poor person doing the fitting, so I would not hold price as the primary indicator for the quality of fitting. I would also check the reviews of the store on fitting. Customers reviews will generally answer the question of satisfaction during the fitting process.

      Personally, I would go to the $30 fitting because of the flexibility of the equipment. When I was fitted for my driver two years ago, I tried a plethora of clubs and shafts before even looking at the numbers (8 in all). I used some numbers in the first round of hitting. Then, I narrowed my choices down to two that I felt comfortable hitting. Next, we started to drill down into the numbers. Eventually, I settled on the Rogue.

      I would recommend going to the $30 store a couple of days before the fitting and hitting a few drivers. You will eliminate some just on feel, then you can focus on the numbers for the three or four that ‘feel’ good. It will save time and will allow you to focus your time on something you know you would want to purchase.

      Lastly, for $30 and possible credit to your purchase, this offer seems best financially. If you do not like what happens at the fitting, it is only $30. If you did not like the $150 fitting, that is a pretty steep price to pay on a chance.

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers Jim


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