Staying With My Game Plan

The challenge when playing any round is sticking to my game plan. Over the years, many respondents on The Grateful Golfer use the ‘come what may’ approach to their round. I like a football team, generally have the shots for the first three holes laid out in my mind. Of course, this plan is flexible because I have to execute those shots, but I generally have a plan and try to stick to it.

Visualizing for Success!
Sometimes the duck helps me with my plan, but that is a secret Kirk cannot know!

Making a plan does take some forethought. For example on my current course, the starting holes are a par 5, par 3, and a par 4. Depending on the wind, temperature, and dew level, the holes play differently each time I step up to the first tee. It is because of this, I have tried to have a game plan to ensure that I start strong and finish the first three holes at par or under par.

Of course this plan has to change when I am not executing my shots from the get go. I am experienced enough to know when my swing will take a bit longer to groove for the day, so using other clubs instead of the norm is a must. A perfect example is last Men’s Night.

Generally, the starting hole (par 5) is a driver, 3w and short iron into the green. After my first drive I realized that I was many swings away from being warmed up properly. So, I clubbed down and swung easier until I felt comfortable making a full turn. It worked very well and I was able to hit the ball consistently for the last six holes. The change was counter to my original plan, yet it all worked out as needed because we won B Flight with a 3 under par (4 man scramble in the cold).

Making a plan is a must for my game. I find it important to set up my round (physically and mentally) for success and planning is how I do it. I enjoy the mental exercise of visually playing each shot before teeing up because it frames my actions moving forward. Making a plan just works.

Do you make a plan before playing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Staying With My Game Plan

  1. Jim, great advice. I am usually armed with a plan when playing a familiar course. At my home course, we open with three par-4s measuring 424, 428, 453. Before I play, like you, I measure the conditions and while I’m on the range, use the last half dozen balls to play these holes with the clubs I think I’ll need. As you can see from the yardage, they are a challenging start. Part of my game plan is also to not let a rough start affect my thinking. The fourth hole is a 190 yard par-3 (no piece of cake either). Often I am 3-over after the first four holes, as was the case yesterday. But I was not down on myself because of my plan, and played the remaining 14 holes at 1-under.

    The plan is an essential part of your tool kit.

    Thanks for the great reminder!


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  2. I don’t really plan my game out. I plan on a shot by shot basis based on how I’m playing that day, the conditions, and the shot I’m facing at the time. But I will look over a course before playing it the first time to see what might bring trouble. Before google earth made that possible I can remember hitting shots I thought were perfect only to gind myself in trouble when I got to the ball. It’s nice to know in advance if there’s a ditch hiding beyond a ridge or whether the curve in a fairway makes it better to hit a longer or shorter shot. Things like that we can get advanced warning on now when we had to learn the hard way before.

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