Overswinging And Pulling My Golf Ball Left

Yup, it is back. For some reason I am overswing and pulling my ball left. This swing hitch happens a few times a year and usually at the most inconvenient time. I know I am making all kinds of swing errors by the direction of my divot and the fact that my ball ended up in the woods a few times during my last round. 🙂 I have a sure fire fix for my swing woes and it does not take much time.

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Improving Your Golf Game One Shot At A Time

To improve any golf game away from the course takes a bit knowledge and understanding about your swing. Currently, I am using video, alignment sticks, aim points, and now impact stickers. Yup, instead of using foot powder on my golf club, I bought some target stickers that attach to my clubs. This is new to me and I am still getting used to the information it is providing.

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The Best Is Yet To Come!

With five weeks or so until opening day, I can happily report that my indoor swing training is working very well. My back feels looser and I feel that my indoor driving net has was well worth the effort of constructing it. With all the practice I am doing in the off-season I can only think that the best is yet to come for my golf game.

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Looking at a Golf Training Aid – Need Advice

I am looking at some training aids for my long off-season for indoor use in my garage. I have an Orange Whip and thought to add this golf training aid to the mix. So, my question is pretty straight forward:

Any thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

The Best Golfing Training Aids from #GolfChat

#GolfChat is the fastest hour in golf! Every Tuesday evening at 8 pm EST, we congregate on Twitter to discuss golf. There is no specific topic, but to guide the conversation a series of six are posed by the readers prior to starting. It is great fun and a wonderful way to pass time during our 5 month lay off from golf. Well, I posed a question last week about the best training aids used by the golfchatters and the response was amazing! Continue reading