Hitting A Solid Golf Shot

For years I have chased the perfect golf shot. I realized after more failures than successes, that the perfect golf shot is an illusion. What I really want to do is hit a solid golf shot and let the rest take care of itself. The reason of the change resulted from using a wet golf mat during practice.

There is something wrong with this picture!

I rarely like hitting off the mats. I find that they give a false sense of solid contact because you can miss the ball by an inch and still make good contact because the club head bounces off the mat into the ball. It is here that I understood two things: first, my ball position was wrong and second, making solid contact only occurs if I hit the ball first before the ground.

This may seem like a “well DUH” moment for most of you, but sometimes I am a slow learner. The visual cues of using a wet mat helped me understand that I was not hitting solid golf shots; in fact, I was lucky to be hitting the ball at all. I needed to move the ball back an inch or so to make sure that the my ball was hit first.

This minor adjustment caused many domino effects, but mostly it forced me to change the visual cues I used to set up my shots. The new change felt awkward because it felt like the ball was too far back in my stance, when in actuality, it was in the perfect position. After making that change (several years ago) I was able to consistently hit solid golf shots and my scores reflected the positive change.

Chasing the wrong goal can cause you to head down the wrong rabbit hole. However, once we figure out the proper path, changes to our game have a positive affect on our score. In my case, I stumbled upon an error in ball position that I was able to address. As a result, I now hit more solid golf shots than most, which are in fact the perfect golf shot.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Hitting A Solid Golf Shot

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  2. I was the opposite. I was moving my ball farther and farther back in my stance to try and make ball contact first. I was so focused on the result I wanted that I failed to consider the bad weight transfer that was really causing me to hit ground first. On the plus side, that mistake enabled me to hook even a sand wedge around obsticles when I needed to.

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