Open Or Closed Putting Stance

I cannot count the number of references (maybe using reference is overly kind) that offer the key to great putting. There is no aspects of the putting stroke that has not been analyzed. I created my own 5 part putting series, but that was more a ‘world according to’ than a definitive bible on how to putt. One of the the aspects of putting that is often overlooked is the position of our feet. How we stand drives so many aspects of our putting stroke and yet……

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Fundamentals of Golf By Jack Nicklaus

Understanding the basics of golf is more challenging that we think….or is it? Jack Nicklaus, arguably the greatest golfer of all time, has a series of videos that discuss many aspects of how to play golf. His first video, which will be highlighted here today, is probably the most important of all because it sets the foundation for our natural golf swing. If you are a beginner, or even an experience player like myself, it is important to heed what Jack says because we can move to more advance aspects of the game with the proper fundamentals. And that leads to every golfers goal: lower golf scores.

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Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Most of us have heard this saying before and it really is prevalent in my golf game. For years I focused on making significant changes in my game and strove to shoot low golf scores. It is a journey I continue to embrace, however I have learned that being too focused on one aspect of my swing may not be the best for my overall game.

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Old School Chipping Tips Still Work

With the continuous evolution of golf equipment many players are probably wondering if the old school tips still work. Has the golf swing changed or are the new innovations just building on what worked all along. In the case of chipping, the touted wrist lock is still relevant and I recommend you if you do not use it if you are not already doing so.

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Hitting A Solid Golf Shot

For years I have chased the perfect golf shot. I realized after more failures than successes, that the perfect golf shot is an illusion. What I really want to do is hit a solid golf shot and let the rest take care of itself. The reason of the change resulted from using a wet golf mat during practice. Continue reading