Ball Position in Your Golf Stance

ball position within golf stance.While on the driving range with a friend a couple of weeks back, we started a discussion about where the ball should be position in your golf stance. Immediately, I mentioned that the position changes depending on whether he was playing a short iron, mid iron, long iron, or wood. I have always used this method and until now, I never realize that there was a second method.

Ted Norby, Director of Instruction for the National University Golf Academy, explains the relationship of ball position to your body position is the real reason for ball placement in your stance. His explanation was excellent and easy to understand. Because of the relationship is between the ball and body, there are actually two methods to determine the correct position of the ball within your stance. Norby explains below:

As stated by Norby, the other method is to pick a position within your stance and widen or narrow your feet as required. This is not something I have tried, however players like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods position their ball in this way.

If you are trying to decide the best method for you, I recommend you hit the range and try each one. One particular method of position your golf ball might feel natural for your swing. Regardless, make sure it is best for you!

Personally, I have no challenges with my current method of moving the ball within my stance, but will try the other method at the range because I want to remain open to all ideas that might help me attain my goal of being a scratch golfer.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!