Putting Guides – Part 1 of 5

Image from: http://timmilburn.com/3-things-putting-a-golf-ball-taught-me-about-decision-makingI believe that improving your putting will reduce your overall score by 10% or more.  I can make this bold statement because experience has proven that when a person scores extremely well, they usually have putted lights out.  Take the pros for instance, anyone who scores really low credits their success to chipping and putting.  Personally, all of my low rounds have resulted from 27 putts or less per round.

There are many websites dedicated to improving your putting.  These sites include selling attachments for your putter, a gadget to make your stroke consistent, how to visualize your smooth stroke, being aggressive, lagging your putt, being confident…..well oh my!  There are many things that can help with your putting; but only you can decide which method will work for you.

I figured that I should provide my tips to success on the green.  You will likely have heard of them before, but they work for me and I use them every round.  So, here is the first of five suggestions that the average golfer can use without having to pay anything.

My putting tip from May 2012 is the first.  It is very simple.  Ensure your putter head follows through twice as far as you take it back.  This will allow for solid ball striking and a greater chance the ball will travel on its intended line.

I know it sounds simple, but I can assure you that your miss hits (either by line or distance) will be significantly reduced because of the solid contact.  Additionally, your lag putts will be close and chances of three putting will fade away.

Ultimately, I believe that if your putter head travels back 6 and forward 12, it will significantly cut your number of putts per round.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!  See you on the links.


16 thoughts on “Putting Guides – Part 1 of 5

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