What do you Listen to on the Golf Course?

What do you listen to on the golf course?  As silly as it sounds, this is a very important question.  What you hear sets your attitude, focus and mental state.  No really, it has a tremendous impact on your game.  So what exactly do I mean?

You are on the first green and lining up your putt.  The people on the tee box near by are laughing, joking and making lots of noise.  You step away and start over.  Your inner voice is saying how inconsiderate they are and you miss your putt because you lost your focus.  You were listening to your inner voice and went to a dark place.

You are on the first green, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and you are totally focused on your game.  Your inner voice is saying “WOW!  What a great day!”  You feel comfortable and your inner voice is sending you to a great place.  You listen, play well and stay totally in the grove.

I know when I am losing my focus while playing.  I talk to myself about what is going on, what I am going to do after the game, I wonder what is for supper…etc.  When I catch myself, and believe me sometimes I don’t, I tell myself to focus and get my head in the game.  I start to talk about my pre-shot routine and how successful I am going to be on the next how.  The power of positive thought works for me most of the time, but sometimes…

Ultimately, your inner voice is something that we listen to all the time.  It sets the stage for success or can lead us down into a deep dark hole.  So the next time you are playing, think positive, listen to your positive inner voice and enjoy your time on the links!  I am a grateful golfer.

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