I Know The Secret to A Fantastic Golf Game…..Do You?

I have finally figured out the secret to a fantastic golf game! It is something I have searched for and now understand what it is! Am so surprised that I did not stumble on this easy solution earlier and save myself years of frustration. Wow, I feel lighter and invigorated for my 2019 golf season! Continue reading

FEAR – Golf’s Greatest Enemy

Talking about FEAR is nothing new at The Grateful Golfer. It ultimate paralyzes us when playing and forces most players to change their approach to shots. False Evidence Appearing Real creeps into our minds and poisons our ability to play our best. Conquering that FEAR is key to shooting low golf scores. As a matter of fact, it is paramount to being a scratch golfer! Continue reading

Dialing In On The Pin!

Ever watch a professional golfer go pin hunting? It seems from the moment they struck their first ball, everything went in their favour. Brandt Snedeker is a perfect example after shooting a 59 at the Wyndham Championship. After jarring his approach shot on the 7th hole, it was noticeable that he was dialed in on every shot. It was magical to watch. But, what does being dialed in actually mean?  Continue reading

You Are Not 20 Years Old Ya Know!

As my journey towards full recovery continues, I am often reminded by friends that I am not 20 years old anymore and that need to make sure that I manage my energy. Of course, this is at the forefront of all my activities, but I have to say that thinking I am not young anymore is a bit of crutch that I do not require. At 56 years young, regardless of my current health battle, I still think I am in my 30s and can do far more than most belief. Well, at least I believe I can and that is really what matters. Continue reading

Is Tiger Woods Back?

After the first day of the BMW Championship, Tiger Woods is leading! Shooting -6 for his front nine, Woods looked like the legend of old. His control was perfection and his laser focus was evident. He definitely has emerged as a force to be reckoned with as he prepares for the Ryder Cup! So, it begs the question from most golfing enthusiasts: Is Tiger Woods Back? Continue reading