Hitting The Range For the First Time in 2018

My first range visit is in the books. Two days ago, it was 26º C and the sun was shining. It was a perfect day to swing my clubs for the first time in 2018. Like previous years, I went with no expectations, but a positive attitude to just enjoy myself. And that is exactly what I did, had a great time and loved the day. However, like a true student of the game, I was focused a few things to set a strong foundation moving forward. Continue reading

Making an Early Shot Call

Early club selection could cause unseen challenges to my golf game.

Golf is about making decisions. What club to hit, where to aim, how hard to swing or whether to play safe are just a few examples. Some times my decisions are successful and other times I wish I could rethink the shot again. But, making decisions is a part of the game and one that I enjoy as I loop the course. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to call my shot early and this gets me in trouble from time to time. Continue reading

Making Every Putt in Golf

The goal of every golfer is to make every putt and it seems that Ernie Els feels the same way. I subscribe to this thought process believing that science can prove that every putt is make-able. Of course that does not mean that I will make every putt, but the possibility is always there.

Keeping this thought in mind, I have played with players who are notorious lag putters and will always settle for a 2 putt and a bogey. Instead of charging the hole in the attempts to make a 1 and risk a 3 putt. How about you? Continue reading

Golf is Fantastic For Your Mental and Physical Well Being

As I start 2018, I am reminded of why golf is an important aspect of my life. The thought of hitting the course (in 4 months) makes me smile and opens up my mind to the possibilities of great things.

Unfortunately for many, they do not see the value of playing golf, nor are they inclined to try. I respect their view because there must be a perceived value in everything we do. Surprisingly, I believe that most nay-sayers made their decision based on false information; they truly do not understand the mental and health benefits of playing golf. Do you? Continue reading

Challenges With Alignment

It is amazing that any golfer can go from playing well to playing poorly with just one swing. In my case, this downward spiral happens when chunking an easy chip. I am not sure exactly why this happens, but it definitely has something to do with my alignment. Additionally, it happens when I am trying to be ‘too cute’ instead of being aggressive. When this happens, negative thoughts creep into my mind and it is a struggle for the rest of the round. Does this ever happen to you? Continue reading