Hitting The Range For the First Time in 2018

My first range visit is in the books. Two days ago, it was 26º C and the sun was shining. It was a perfect day to swing my clubs for the first time in 2018. Like previous years, I went with no expectations, but a positive attitude to just enjoy myself. And that is exactly what I did, had a great time and loved the day. However, like a true student of the game, I was focused a few things to set a strong foundation moving forward.

First time at the range in 2018.

I went to this particular range because I could hit off the grass. I do not enjoy playing off mats unless I have to because it is not provide the same feel during contact.

I started my season off with my 7i as in previous years. It is my favorite club and I usually make solid contact most of the time. My first it was……a bit fat; I made fairly good contact, but left plenty of room for improvement. My second hit was solid with great ball flight. The rest of my shots were a mixture of good and semi-good shots; I only hit 7 poor shots out of the entire bucket. This was definitely a positive. I purposely hit all the clubs in my bag and the results were very similar except with my wedge. I need more practice with my wedges.

As I stated earlier, I like to focus on something when at the range. Our season is so short, wasting any opportunity to improve is time wasted. So here is what I focused on:

  • Aiming at a Target. I do not like to bang golf balls out like a machine gun. I think it is important that after every shot to back off and take aim for my next shot. I was very successful at keeping my ball on my target line, but distance control was a way off. That is a focus for another day.
  • Keeping My Head Still. This technique is the key to my golf swing. By keeping my head still, I was able to repeat many of my shots. I was so excited to watch my ball fly down range, I would sometimes pop up too soon; so keeping my head still was important. I did this fairly well, but still need some work.
  • Complete my Follow Through. This might sound silly, but sometimes at the beginning of the year I truncate my finish. Now, this skill is useful in some situations, but not during a range practice. I wanted a complete follow through to help improve my range of motion and to remind my muscles of what a complete golf swing feels like.

I consider my first range practice a success. I walked off the range feeling satisfied with the results. I accomplished all my goals and most importantly felt better after my session. Golf is very therapeutic as the summer unfolds, I will continue to use it to improve my mental and physical states. My first time at the range was perfect and I feel fantastic! I am ready for more.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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