Golf Mats – Pro or Con?

Golf mats are part of every golf range. They are designed to simulate the playing surface of the course, but I am not sold. Mats are synthetic and come in various lengths. The different fibers add to the feel, but again, I am not sold. There are some exceptions, but for the most part I would rather practice off of grass.

Golf MattsMost golf mats are set on a cement slab with a rubberized mat placed on top. There is some cushion between the surface and the cement; but that varies depending on the type of mat. The mats I used were low cut with rubber tees sticking out of a hole. I am not a fan of these tees and so I use the TEE CLAW. It is a great device and it works for me.

As you can tell, I am not a fan of golf mats. I cannot replicate the same feel on a golf mat as I can on grass. Also, most shots off the mat appear to be hit well; however the same shot off grass would be considered a flub. I think golf mats provide a false sense of a players ability. They make poor shots better.

Now, I am not anti-golf mat. I believe that early in the season golf mats are fantastic. They allow fanatic or grateful golfers an opportunity to start golf earlier than waiting for the grass to grow. So, there is some utility to golf mats, but I will have to say that overall, golf mats do not work well for my game.

What do you think? Do you use golf mats when you practice? Do you prefer grass or golf mats?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Golf Mats – Pro or Con?

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  2. Jim,
    As we’re well into the spring season here mats are less of a reality and hence my disdain for them is diminishing. I don’t like them but know they have a time and place. They allow me to work on my swing in the winter season and early in the year when the grass is waterlogged and dormant. But now, as we approach mid May, I avoid mats at all cost.
    Thanks, Mike

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  3. Jim,

    I definitely agree with you here. I much prefer practising off of grass. Some mats are better than others, but none replicate the feeling of hitting off real turf. I get why a lot of courses go to mats since they are very low maintenance, but I do appreciate a grass range which are becoming tough to find.


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  4. Jim, from a purist perspective, I share your sentiment. There is no substitute for hitting off grass and fewer things bring more pleasure than a great practice session on a huge natural grass facility. The Legends in Myrtle Beach and Pinehurst are two that I have enjoyed. But from a practical perspective, mats allow many courses to save thousands of dollars on maintenance. If they pass that savings along to the paying customer in the form of lower greens fees, I support them.

    I have a mat in my garage that I periodically drag out on my patio and hit little 20 yard pitches in the yard. I’m just working on timing and making a small pivot and not trying to hit perfect shots. For this, it works very well and doesn’t require me to tear up chunks of my lawn to get in some quick practice. So they have their place.

    Good post, thanks!


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