My Last Day Of Treatment

After six months of battling lymphoma, today is the last day of treatment. My stem cells, which were harvested three weeks ago, are finally being infused back into my body. After several treatments of intense chemotherapy, it is time to start the road to recover. I still have a long way to go, but focusing on recovery is a relief. Additionally, I can set a goal of playing golf this fall which will motivate me to stay focused on a healthy recover. Continue reading

Hitting the Range is Important!

I came across the videos below and I there was thinking a larger story. How do we prepare our game for the unexpected the course when playing golf?  Is there something I am missing by training only at the range?

Hitting the range is very important to improving our golf game because it allows us work developing the consistency needed to play well. My attendance at the range varies throughout the year and when I go, I practice with intention.  Continue reading

Golf Mats – Pro or Con?

Golf mats are part of every golf range. They are designed to simulate the playing surface of the course, but I am not sold. Mats are synthetic and come in various lengths. The different fibers add to the feel, but again, I am not sold. There are some exceptions, but for the most part I would rather practice off of grass. Continue reading

Using All Of The Range for Lower Golf Scores

Many amateurs use the range with the intent of ‘getting in some practice’. They understand that being a better golfer takes time, dedication and work on the range. After picking up a large bucket of balls, they make their way to their favorite spot on the range and hit them all in less that 15 minutes. It is like watching Speedy Gonzales racing around for cheese.

After hitting all the balls in their bucket, the player saunters off to do something else. Unfortunately, their time on the range was not well spent and they did not take advantage of what the range had to offer. I recently went to a driving range and was thrilled to see its set up and immediately made a plan to use all the range during my focused practice session. Continue reading