Hitting the Range is Important!

I came across the videos below and I there was thinking a larger story. How do we prepare our game for the unexpected the course when playing golf?  Is there something I am missing by training only at the range?

Hitting the range is very important to improving our golf game because it allows us work developing the consistency needed to play well. My attendance at the range varies throughout the year and when I go, I practice with intention. 

The point of the videos and Coach Lochey’s statement is that the range provides perfect conditions for ball striking, but little opportunity to work on difficult shots. As we play our round, our stance is rarely flat and we routinely experience course challenges that we need to navigate.

However, I would counter by suggesting that range work is very important. I provides the opportunity to groove a consistent swing that can be applied in any situation. It is important to realize that the range does provide opportunity use different clubs if you use the whole range. The challenging shots experienced by most players on the course are made easier if our swing is repeatable and consistent.

I will always recommend that golfers hit the range. I believe it is the key to a strong game and regardless of the situations experience on the course, it helps lower your golf score.


I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

2 thoughts on “Hitting the Range is Important!

  1. I’ve skipped the range for the most part this year but haven’t missed it because the course I play at allows me to play all day for the same price. So I get lots of practice in. I usually play at least 27 holes and have managed as many as 40 once or twice (only full members can walk there and I’m not one). They have no range there so I use the first 9 as my warm up. But I still go to the range for some specific kinds of practice. Like bringing in a new club for instance or making swing changes. The range is the place for that for sure. And before this course allowed me to play all day, I used the range much more often. The backyard is also good for chipping practice and will be more useful once I get a new net and mat. I killed the last one a couple of years ago and really miss having it available right out back.

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