Improving Your Golf Game: Quality Versus Quantity

Everyone I know plays golf to either fun, exercise and to improve. I guess this is a pretty simple approach to this amazing sport and very golfers fall outside these categories. Actually, many use all three as motivation to hit the links on a regular basis. Over the years, we have discussed many barriers to why we struggle with improving, but most of those seem to break down to the time available to play or practice. I can appreciate this challenge which is why I was thinking about whether we use our precious time appropriately to effectively improve our game. Hence the thought of quality versus quantity as an important discussion for many golfers. Continue reading

Spending Time at The Golf Course

Anyone working through an injury understands my frustration with not spending any time on the golf course. As I work through my medical issues, I often find myself playing a round of golf in my head. Surprisingly, I never miss a shot, but lip out a few putts (haha). Well yesterday, I decided to drop by Osprey Links and meet up with my friends looping the course. Continue reading

Hitting The Range For the First Time in 2018

My first range visit is in the books. Two days ago, it was 26º C and the sun was shining. It was a perfect day to swing my clubs for the first time in 2018. Like previous years, I went with no expectations, but a positive attitude to just enjoy myself. And that is exactly what I did, had a great time and loved the day. However, like a true student of the game, I was focused a few things to set a strong foundation moving forward. Continue reading

Using Your Best Club for the Best Results

Everyone has a great club in their bag. You know the club that you reach for when you need that great shot. I have several, but there is always two clubs I depend upon all the time to be my great equalizer. I have honed their use over the years and realized that they have saved my scores on multiple occasions.  Continue reading