I Bought A Set Of Used Clubs

Having a spare set of clubs around is important for guests who happen to drop by and want to tee it up. I have several sets, including one for a lefty. Of course none are the quality of my Titleist AP2s, but they will do in a pinch and are far better than any rentals. About two weeks ago, my wife saw the set I purchased in a virtual garage sale and pointed them out to me and without hesitation, we snapped them up!

A set of clubs for the budding golfer!

Now before you start wondering why I need another set of clubs for guests, these clubs are unique and not everyone can use them. So, it is important that regardless of who visits, I am ready to entertain them on the golf course or at the range. As an Uncle and a Great Uncle, the ages of visitors will vary. And as such, I need to be ready.

I also think that starting kids out early with a club in their hand is very important to their future development as the next Brooke Henderson or Adam Hadwin. To become a golfer at an early age, the younger players need two things: a set of clubs and someone to take the time to teach them. I always had the second thing, but I did not have the first. Well all of that has changed.

A size comparison to my set of golf clubs.

The set of Powerbuilts has a carry bag, driver, 7i and putter. More than enough clubs for a young player. This set will offer the opportunity to play all shots and keep their interest long enough to loop at least 6 holes. I think the clubs will be great for someone between the age of 5 and 8. Any older and they will need a longer set of clubs.

Well, I am all set for visitors regardless of age. I figured for the price, it was worth buying them and having in my armory of clubs. I still have a few gaps, but for now I am ready. Do you have spare sets for your guests?

On a side note, yesterday was my 6th year anniversary of The Grateful Golfer! I am having a good time writing and I hope you are still enjoying the read. Thank you for awesome support!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “I Bought A Set Of Used Clubs

  1. Funny enough I have just recently sold all my spare sets of clubs, of the six grand-children only one of the boys was interested in golf, he gave up after he discovered girls, apparently they were way much more fun. What annoys me most that when on the odd occasion he does tee it up, he can outstrip me off the tee by a good 50 yards, if only I had that smooth effortless swing.



  2. Jim, after reading your article, I’m kicking myself for donating my kids clubs a few years ago. My next door neighbor has a five year old who asked me the other day to show her how to play golf. Got plenty of extra men’s clubs but nothing for the kids. You are a good uncle!


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  3. That wife if yours has an eye for good deals 🙂 Jim. I have some balls and new ball cap to donate to your rental ready for visitors equipment.

    Enjoy your write ups. Good luck on links.


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