Making Every Putt in Golf

The goal of every golfer is to make every putt and it seems that Ernie Els feels the same way. I subscribe to this thought process believing that science can prove that every putt is make-able. Of course that does not mean that I will make every putt, but the possibility is always there.

Keeping this thought in mind, I have played with players who are notorious lag putters and will always settle for a 2 putt and a bogey. Instead of charging the hole in the attempts to make a 1 and risk a 3 putt. How about you?

Putting is a tough skill to master in golf!

Ernie Els fundamental point is purely mental. His statement delves into the fundamental approach of how golfers approach putting. I am an aggressive putter being confident that I can sink every putt. This approach serves me well by increasing my short game with confidence.

Now, there is always the other side of any story and in this case, it deals with being a defensive or lag putter. It is an approach is designed to protect your score versus trying to shoot your lowest possible score. I will admit that during some rounds, I will switch to a lag putter on certain holes, but still try to sink the putt by just dropping the ball over the lip.

I think everyone can picture that putt when if offered a 2 putt, would pick their ball up and say thank you. But, playing smart on the greens is not the same as fundamentally being a defensive putter.

I can remember many rounds where aggressive putting has helped propel my score lower. Being aggressive set up many tap in second putts because I was not afraid to hit the ball passed the hole. Of course, I have left myself with some testy come back putts, but he odds were in my favour to make the only two putt. As stated earlier, this approach to putting is purely mental. Thinking I can make every putt allows me to hit the ball hard enough so it will travel at least 8 inches passed the cup, thereby always giving the ball a chance to go in.

To prove my point:

I realize that this approach does not fit will with some players, however it works for me. What kind of putter are you: aggressive or defensive?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Making Every Putt in Golf

  1. I always considered myself a good lag putter in the past. But I know I’m a better putter today because I am not thinking about lagging it anymore. The thousands of practice putts I did at home from 7-10 feet over the last year and a half have made me extremely confident inside that range so I can be really aggressive even on the long putts today and that has cut down on the three putts for sure and given me more long putts dropped than ever in the past. It’s also made a huge difference in the number of short putts missed. Inside of 5 feet missing has become pretty rare now.

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  2. Jim, Nicklaus was a lag putter, as was Ben Crenshaw. Tom Watson charged every putt and was very successful so you can do it both ways. I’d put myself into the lag putter camp but I’d like to get more aggressive. Not sure how to do that or if I should even try. Very nice thought provoking post.



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    • Brian

      Thanks. I used to be a lag putter before, but watched too many balls die at the hole. I not try to putt all balls outside of 2 feet at least 8 inches past the hole. It was a difficult transition and took awhile. I am glad I did it, but I did experience some frustrating times. I am glad you like the post.


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