I Know The Secret to A Fantastic Golf Game…..Do You?

I have finally figured out the secret to a fantastic golf game! It is something I have searched for and now understand what it is! Am so surprised that I did not stumble on this easy solution earlier and save myself years of frustration. Wow, I feel lighter and invigorated for my 2019 golf season!

My big reveal is: Lower My Expectations! Yup, stop striving to be a better player. Stop worrying about course management. Just let my game unfold and when things get tough, lower my expectations again! This way I will never be disappointed with my golf game!

I am sure by now you are shaking your head and wondering what the heck is going on…..well, let me tell you!

As I dream about golfing in 2019, I continually think about how my mental game is going to fair after missing a year! I wonder about my confidence to hit the shot I need, when I need it. This self-doubt is partly due to my journey of recovery from my treatments in 2018 and partly due to not playing as much as I want or need to sustain my low handicap. That is until I came across this short video:

Jeff Ritter’s video hit home with me and I need to stop worrying about what might happen and go make it happen when I play. I have a feeling I will still have to work to regain my confidence, but increasing my course confidence is a great first step when it is time to tee it up in the spring.

What are your thoughts about playing reckless? Good idea or not?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “I Know The Secret to A Fantastic Golf Game…..Do You?

  1. Jim, I’m mixed on this one. I kind of like the approach from the guy in the video. However, I don’t think continually lowering expectations is going to bring you any satisfaction. I’d get with your pro in the spring, tell him what you want to do that you cannot do now, and set that as your expectation.

    Good luck!


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  2. Being timid with any shot is a sure path to failure. But I don’t think of it as playing reckless. I think of it as trusting what I’m doing. If my trust waivers, it’s time to stand back and settle myself or maybe just shut my eyes for a second and reboot.

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