Is Tiger Woods Back?

After the first day of the BMW Championship, Tiger Woods is leading! Shooting -6 for his front nine, Woods looked like the legend of old. His control was perfection and his laser focus was evident. He definitely has emerged as a force to be reckoned with as he prepares for the Ryder Cup! So, it begs the question from most golfing enthusiasts: Is Tiger Woods Back?

If you are a Tiger fan the immediate response is of course and we told you so! If you are Tiger hater, your response will be: it will not last. If you are neither, then you are wait and see mode.

We have to be fair to Tiger over the past 5 years. All of his woes generated from not being physically able to play his game. Several times he returned too early and as a result was quickly put on waivers. His recoveries were slow and I am sure painful. But, in true Tiger fashion, he persevered and now he back in the mix of most tournaments.

As Tiger clawed his way to the top, his few stumbles were mental in my opinion. Fighting through injuries does take its toll mentally and as an example last weekend, his final round was as much mental fatigue than anything else. He tried to reach in the vault to recover, but nothing was there. This shortfall is nothing to worry about because Tiger is as tough as they come so his mental game will improve as his physical prowess remains.

The bottom line is that Tiger Woods is back. Of course many will quickly add the statement as long as he stays healthy. I, however, will not use that tag line. Tiger has proven he is physically back, still has the skills to compete at the élite level, and when he becomes as mentally strong as he is physically, professional golf will be put on notice. This opinion is counter to what I thought before and I am glad that Tiger has proven me wrong and I wish him the best moving forward!

What are you thoughts on Tiger Woods reemergence?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Is Tiger Woods Back?

  1. Jim, Tiger is back BUT this time his competition is better, deeper, and not intimidated. His major window is 4 more years and to break Nicklaus’ record would require one win per year. A very tall task with all the great talent out there. I enjoy the energy he brings on a weekly basis, though.

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