A Miss Hit in Golf – Mental or Physical?

On any given day, I will make a number of miss hits. This is not because I choose to hit the ball fat or thin, but it just happens. I think I set up the same way and follow my pre-shot routine as per normal, but every so often I hit a shot like I am a beginner. Regardless, I often wonder if my miss-hits are the result of a mental error vice a physical one.

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Is Tiger Woods Back?

After the first day of the BMW Championship, Tiger Woods is leading! Shooting -6 for his front nine, Woods looked like the legend of old. His control was perfection and his laser focus was evident. He definitely has emerged as a force to be reckoned with as he prepares for the Ryder Cup! So, it begs the question from most golfing enthusiasts: Is Tiger Woods Back? Continue reading

Golf is Fantastic For Your Mental and Physical Well Being

As I start 2018, I am reminded of why golf is an important aspect of my life. The thought of hitting the course (in 4 months) makes me smile and opens up my mind to the possibilities of great things.

Unfortunately for many, they do not see the value of playing golf, nor are they inclined to try. I respect their view because there must be a perceived value in everything we do. Surprisingly, I believe that most nay-sayers made their decision based on false information; they truly do not understand the mental and health benefits of playing golf. Do you? Continue reading

Golf And Fitness – More Than Just A Myth

Over the years, I have discussed the many fantastic benefits of golf. I believe that golf is fantastic for my mental and physical health and as such is one of the reasons I started The Grateful Golfer. Recently, Matthew from Fix.com, reminded me that golf really is beneficial to my well-being and thought it important to share an article written by Steven Keipert.  To my surprise, I was mentioned as a source in the article.  Continue reading

Qualifying to Play Golf

second-placeOne of the things I like about golf is the requirement of a few players to qualify to play in a professional golf tournament. It is very stressful for these ‘up and comers’ (and some times players past their prime), but it is a necessary path to play on the PGA and LPGA Tours.

For years, I had to qualify to play golf on our Base team. I have mentioned military competitions before and part of the right of passage is that there are no free rides. Over the years, I have worked my way up the standings such that making the team was expected, but that is where things get challenging sometimes.

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