In Between Clubs – Is This a Real Problem?

During the BMW Championship, I overheard several caddies talking to the player about yardage and how to adjust the grip on the club to ensure that they can make a full swing. This adjustment indicates that the player was in-between clubs for the yardage they wanted to hit. As I thought about my game compared to theirs, I rarely feel that I am in between clubs and the yardages I assess are plus or minus 5 yards anyway. So I ask, is being in between clubs a real problem for amateurs or is it something at only professionals need to be concerned with? Continue reading

Is Tiger Woods Back?

After the first day of the BMW Championship, Tiger Woods is leading! Shooting -6 for his front nine, Woods looked like the legend of old. His control was perfection and his laser focus was evident. He definitely has emerged as a force to be reckoned with as he prepares for the Ryder Cup! So, it begs the question from most golfing enthusiasts: Is Tiger Woods Back? Continue reading

What a Day at the BMW Championship

Congratulations to Jason Day for winning the BWM Championship! The hottest golfer on the planet has succeeded in winning another event of the FedExCup Playoffs. With 4 wins (including his first Major) in his last 6 events, Jason Day is apparently unstoppable and as a result has built an insurmountable lead heading into the Tour Championship next week.

Day’s booming drives, chip-ins, and a sizzling hot putter are just a few tricks he has up his sleeve. His calm and steady demeanour continues to wilt his opponents like a super power! Likely taking over as the world’s top ranked golfer, Jason Day is the new darling of golf! Getting lava hot at the right time, Day is on his way to a big payday in just over a week!

Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, and Henrik Stenson tried to catch Day on the third leg of the playoffs, but they could only watch with dismay as the Australian extended his lead over a world-class field. Unfortunately for Fowler, Watson, and Stenson the race for being the 2015 FedExCup Champion is over. Nobody is catching the red-hot Day!

Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth had mediocre to poor runs during the FedExCup playoffs. Regardless of the reason, they could not sustain their outstanding play from early in the year. There hot and cold nature is indicative of professional golf in 2015 and is not likely to change anytime soon! The young players in professional golf hungry, competition fierce and they all want their chance at top golfer.

We could discuss the merits of the FedExCup playoff format, but that would cheapen Jason Day’s performance of the past 6 events. Jason Day has crushed his opponents lately and it seems that he will not stop anytime soon. However, if history repeats itself, he will soon need a break because the hectic schedule and pressure of competing week in and week out does take its toll. But for now, Jason Day is on top of professional golf and all fans look forward to seeing him at the Tour Championship in East Lake GC,  Atlanta, GA next weekend.

FEDEX Cup – The Tournament within a Tournament

Today is moving day at the BMW Championship! All eyes are on the top players as they slug it out for the top spot. Most of the media focus for Saturday will be on Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Phil Mickelson (ok I threw Phil in because I always watch his progress). And why not, these are the leading contenders for the FedExCup championship! But, little focus is actually on the tournament within a tournament!

The race for the top 30, in order to advance to the Tour Championship, is just as heated as for the top spot. There is much riding on advancing to the next stage of the playoffs and right now, 10 players are in a battle to improve their position in the FedExCup standings.

The list below is of the current FedExCup standings of positions between 26 and 35. The first number is the predicted position if nothing chances between now and the end of the tournament. The second number is their current standing  within the FedExCup. And the last number is the movement up or down the standings at the end of the tournament if nothing changes.

Moving Day at the BWM

These players are all within striking distance of fall out and making their way to East Lake GC in Atlanta, GA. I would suggest that these players have just as much, if not more, pressure on them to succeed than the top players! The payoff for moving on to the Tour Championship is tremendous and none of these professionals want to left out in the cold.

There are two tremendous battles going on at the BMW Championship! The battle for the top spot and the battle to make it into the top 30! Which do you prefer? Any predictions?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Unexpected Results in Golf

Golf continues to provide unexpected results. This past weekend was exciting, disappointing, and surprising at the same time. Many pundits are wondering if the last leg of the FedExCup playoffs will offer the same drama as the BMW Championship last weekend.

First, congratulations to Billy Horschel for winning the BMW Championship. His steady play of four, sub-70 rounds paved his way to the winner’s circle. His win resulted in an 18 position rise in the FedExCup standings to second place. If he plays well at the TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola, Horschel is in for a huge payday!

True Patriot Love Foundation - Out of the Sand

Out of the Sand Like A Pro

Keegan Bradley withdrew because of a moving ball controversy. “This is Bradley’s first career withdrawal on the PGA Tour, and it stemmed from lingering questions he had over an embedded-ball ruling he received on the 18th hole of his opening round. Bradley took relief under Rule 25-2 for an embedded ball in the grass face of a greenside bunker after conferring with a rules official, but a subsequent conversation with a fan cast doubt for Bradley over whether the ball was truly embedded.” (

This type of controversy is hurting golf. After a discussion with a rules official, Bradley took relief and continued to play. That should be the end of the conversation. That is what rules officials are paid for; are they not? Regardless, the disheartened Bradley can now focus on the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, Perthshire, Scotland, on 23-28 September.

Phil Mickelson withdrew from the BMW Championship and the TOUR Championship. He cited fatigue and the desire to rest and prepare for the Ryder Cup. Having little chance to make it to the TOUR Championship, Mickelson chose to put an end to his poor golfing year. His decision has merit, but does highlight the challenges of a long and grueling golf season.

Sergio Garcia self-destructed on the 17th hole on the final day of the BMW Championship. Firing a triple bogey after a near flawless round caught everyone’s eye. The triple bogey was not the real issue, but the manner in which he did it caused golfing pundits to question his mental fortitude when the pressure is on. Having watched Garcia play poorly, I would have to disagree with the golfing analysts. It is possible his focus waned for a moment. As a result, two bad shots in a row. Garcia is still in the hunt to win the FedEx Championship and should not be counted out this weekend!

Rory McIlroy four-putting the 12th hole on two consecutive days was very surprising. After playing so well for the past 6 weeks, this momentary lapse in ….. well, I am not sure what to call it, was unforeseen. He is still the best player in the world and will continue to be so for many months to come. McIlroy might be thinking about the ‘what if’ after his two four-putts, but in the big picture all his putting woes did was give the media something to write about.

News of professional golfers challenges always appears to be ‘big news’. I agree that some of the stories are important and are considered real news. However, most stories are really just ‘the rub of the green’. It happens and has no real lasting effect on the golfing world. Personally, I would like to see more good news stories. Here is one of my favorites that lasted about as long as it took to write the article.

“Titleist staff members Todd Huizinga and Mike Russell defy astronomical odds and score back-to-back double-eagle 2’s on Carnoustie’s famed Par-5 sixth hole.” (

It happened in 2008, but typifies the good news that most amateurs would love to read about. If you have not read the story, it is worth a look.

Reporting about golf can be difficult. Sometimes there is nothing exciting happening, yet media outlets try to fill their columns. I am not sure what the answer is, but personally I would like to see more good news stories than media hype trying to create an issue where one does not exist.

Do you have any good golf news to share?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!